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Customer feedback tips

4 tips to convert customer feedback into a better experience online & on-site

Satisfied customers spend more money and return to do business more often. That’s a no-brainer. Customer experience is based on every single interaction with the business and brand, its people, services, products, deliveries, support, and communication. Online or on-site – it makes no difference, it still affects your customer experience and thereby your business.

HappyOrNot Smileys offer a way to collect maximum amounts of in-the-moment customer feedback. But collecting feedback is not enough, you need to be able to understand what the feedback tells you and act on data. This allows you to improve customer experience, which in turn helps you to increase revenue.

So, how do you convert feedback into a better customer experience both online and on-site?

1 Volume matters – collect lots of data across all touchpoints

The key to understanding customer experience is having enough data. The amount of data you collect needs to be statistically relevant. It also needs to cover all your touchpoints, whether online or on-site in brick-and-mortar stores.

How was the customer experience across different brick-and-mortar stores? What was best about your online store experience? How was the delivery? What about support, or complaint handling? Or dis your website offer enough information about your products and services, or the inventory status?

All of these things, and many more, will affect the overall customer experience.

2 See the pain points and highlights clearly

It’s hard to make improvements if you don’t understand what exactly needs to be improved.

HappyOrNot Analytics helps you review all results from all touchpoints easily in one place. You can learn from the insights where the biggest pain points are, or how to focus your resources for improvements. Want to find out the recurring patterns across your digital and physical touchpoints? Or create a view to potential future issues by looking at past data? With us, you can do that and more.

By connecting the feedback from physical and digital touchpoints in a single pane of glass, you get an overview that helps you start where it matters the most and continue improving step by step.

3 Share and collaborate to engage your whole team

Since customer experience is built upon every single moment your customers or visitors engage with you and your brand, improvement is the responsibility of your whole organization. A single bad experience can affect the overall experience.

That’s why you need a way to share your insights easily and engage your whole team on a journey towards a better customer experience, whether online or in-store. It’s possible when you can easily share the in-the-moment feedback across the organization – like you can with HappyOrNot – whether to the frontline staf, or to the supporting functions working behind the scenes. You can encourage and reward excellent performance and share best practice. It’s the shared data insights where you find value for your business.

4 Act on data to make informed decisions

Finally, your improvements need to stay focused on what matters. No one can change everything at once, so you need to make informed decisions about what to focus on first.

Is the biggest obstacle your website that fails to inform prospects of your products and services in an easily digestible manner? Or do you fail to deliver a fluent online shopping experience? Or does your frontline staff lack the guidance to properly support your chosen strategy? Maybe it’s what happens after purchase, during delivery, that causes a problem?

The way to do clever business decisions is to be data-driven. You need to use your data in a way that helps you make fast, informed decisions. Let data show you the pain points and highlights, but apply human intelligence to decide on the best points of action.

We at HappyOrNot are passionate about customer feedback and can help you make customer experience a priority in an easy and efficient way. Want to learn more?

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