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See what your customers think in real time with a customer satisfaction survey online

Start collecting real-time customer feedback online to get an inside look into what your customers need and give them an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

How do customer satisfaction surveys work? 

With the right customer satisfaction software, businesses can create unlimited surveys and collect feedback instantly. By asking customer satisfaction survey questions, companies can understand their target audience’s needs and expectations, improve customer loyalty, and ultimately enhance overall customer satisfaction.  

The best customer satisfaction software provides actionable insights through quantitative data analysis, customer sentiment, and response rates, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their products and services. 


Why is it important to measure customer satisfaction? 

Customer satisfaction scores, such as the Happy Index, Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score, provide valuable insights into how customers feel about a brand, its products, and services. These metrics go beyond just a survey tool, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and tailor their marketing strategies to meet customer expectations.  

By measuring customer satisfaction, businesses can foster happy customers, build strong customer relationships, and create a feedback loop that continuously improves their products and services based on actionable feedback from their target audience. 

Making it easy to collect customer feedback surveys for 1000s of businesses

HappyOrNot’s customer satisfaction survey system has been tested and proven to work in thousands of companies worldwide across different markets, niches, and customer demographics.
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Start collecting customer feedback with HappyOrNot 

HappyOrNot’s customer survey tool allows businesses to gather valuable customer insights and improve customer satisfaction. With HappyOrNot, you can customize surveys and send them online to your customer base, enabling you to understand customer needs and enhance the customer experience.  

The straightforward surveys make it easy for customers to provide feedback instantly, giving you access to valuable information about their interactions with your company. By analyzing data from HappyOrNot’s unified customer satisfaction survey platform, you can gain actionable insights and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategy and meet your customers’ expectations. 

Your trusted retail customer satisfaction survey 

HappyOrNot’s customer satisfaction survey platform gives you real-time insights into your retail customers’ experiences to better understand which areas of their journey have a potential for improvement you can use to increase demand and bring more revenue to your company’s bottom line. 

With our customer satisfaction survey in retail, you can use our proprietary customer satisfaction survey device to get a holistic idea of the health of the customer journey you’re creating for your customers. 


5 reasons to implement a customer satisfaction survey 

  1. Gather valuable customer feedback instantly

Customer satisfaction surveys provide a direct channel for customers to express their opinions and experiences. Using customer survey software or an online survey tool lets you gather feedback instantly, allowing you to understand customer needs, preferences, and pain points. 

  1. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Customer satisfaction surveys help you measure and track your customer satisfaction score. By analyzing survey responses and customer feedback, you can identify areas for improvement and take action to enhance the customer’s experience.  

  1. Gain insights into the customer journey

Customer satisfaction surveys provide valuable insights into the customer journey, from initial interactions to post-purchase support. By asking specific questions about different touchpoints, you can identify areas where customers may encounter issues or have positive experiences.  

  1. Make data-driven decisions

Customer satisfaction surveys provide quantitative and qualitative data that can be analyzed to gain deeper insights. Using a feedback analytics solution, you can analyze data from online customer satisfaction survey responses, customer interactions, and other sources to identify trends, patterns, and areas of improvement.  

  1. Enhance customer relationships and business success

Implementing customer satisfaction surveys demonstrates your commitment to customer-centricity. You show customers that their opinions matter by actively seeking and acting upon customer feedback. 

How to create a customer feedback survey in 5 steps 

Creating a well-structured customer feedback survey can be the key to unlocking the information you need to enhance your products, services, and customer experiences.  

Here are 5 easy steps to craft an effective customer feedback survey to help you boost customer satisfaction while empowering your customer service teams to excel: 

Step 1: Define your objectives and target audience  

Before crafting your customer feedback survey, you must clearly understand your goals and who you want to target. Determine the specific insights you want to gather, such as identifying areas for improvement, measuring customer satisfaction, or assessing your company’s reputation.  

Also, consider the target audience for your survey – are you targeting existing customers, potential customers, or both? Tailoring your questions to the right audience is crucial for obtaining relevant and actionable feedback. 

Step 2: Choose the right survey platform 

Opt for a unified platform (online surveys and in-location surveys) that will allow you to efficiently create collect maximum responses to customer feedback surveys.  Look for a platform that offers user-friendly interfaces, mobile responsiveness, and customizable survey options. To reach a broader audience, you can embed the survey link on your company website or share it through email campaigns or social media channels. 

Step 3: Craft clear and concise questions 

The success of your customer feedback survey largely depends on your questions. Keep your questions clear, concise, and easy to understand. Avoid using technical jargon or assuming that respondents have in-depth tech knowledge.  

Remember that not all customers are experts in your industry, so tailor your questions to suit a broader audience. Use open-ended and closed-ended questions for specific feedback and quantifiable data. 

Step 4: Implement Metrics 

Incorporate Happy Index, NPS and CES questions into your customer feedback survey to assess customer loyalty and overall satisfaction. Based on their responses, your customer satisfaction scores will indicate which days, times, areas, and/or product and service offering are creating negative or positive customer experiences.  

Step 5: Analyze and act on the feedback 

Once you’ve collected enough responses from your customer feedback survey, it’s time to analyze the data and take action. Look for patterns and trends in the feedback to identify common pain points and areas for improvement.  

Share the survey results with your customer service teams and other business leaders, as their understanding of the feedback is vital for driving change. Use the feedback as a foundation for making data-driven decisions that lead to enhanced customer experiences and ultimately boost your customer satisfaction scores.

5 free customer satisfaction survey templates 

Crafting effective customer satisfaction surveys can be a powerful way to measure customer satisfaction and collect valuable insights.  To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled 5 free customer satisfaction survey templates with questions to help you get started: 

  1. General customer satisfaction survey

This all-inclusive survey template is designed to measure customer satisfaction across various touchpoints. It covers aspects like product quality, customer service, and overall experience.  Use this template to gather customer feedback and identify areas where improvements can be made: 

  • Overall, how satisfied are you with our products/services? 
  • How would you rate the quality of our products/services? 
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? 
  • Did our customer service team meet your expectations? 
  • Is there anything we could improve to enhance your experience?


  1. Customer feedback on support experience

For businesses with a focus on customer service, this template targets specific support interactions.  Measure customer satisfaction with your support team’s responsiveness, problem-solving abilities, and overall support experience. To get a better idea of what you can improve, use these questions: 

  • How satisfied are you with the responsiveness of our support team? 
  • Were your support inquiries resolved in a timely manner? 
  • How well did our support team address your concerns or issues? 
  • Were you treated courteously and professionally by our support representatives? 
  • How likely are you to seek support from us in the future


  1. Product/service specific satisfaction survey

Use this template to gather feedback about a particular product or service.  Customize the questions to assess customer satisfaction with specific offerings and identify any product-related pain points: 

  • How satisfied are you with [Product/Service Name]? 
  • Did [Product/Service Name] meet your expectations? 
  • What specific features or aspects do you like most about [Product/Service Name]? 
  • Are there any areas of [Product/Service Name] that you believe need improvement? 
  • Would you recommend [Product/Service Name] to others?


  1. CX metric survey

CX survey templates are a quick and effective way to measure customer loyalty and advocacy. Customers rate on a scale, indicating how likely they are to recommend your company to others. Use these questions to discover if customers are happy or not and get a clear picture of your best customer satisfaction: 

  • How likely are you to recommend our company to others? 
  • Please rate your experience with us today 
  • How did you enjoy your visit with us? 
  • How likely are you to purchase from us again in the future? 
  • How could we improve your loyalty to our brand?


  1. Website user experience survey

This template is ideal for online businesses looking to enhance their website’s user experience. Measure customer satisfaction with your website’s usability, design, and content to make data-driven improvements with the following questions: 

  • How easy is it to navigate our website? 
  • Does the website design appeal to you? 
  • Were you able to find the information/products/services you were looking for? 
  • Did you encounter any issues while using our website? 
  • How likely are you to return to our website for future visits? 

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