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Sporting goods retailer XXL to track customer feedback during the pandemic and beyond with HappyOrNot

The Nordics’ fastest-growing sporting goods retailer has rolled out HappyOrNot’s world-famous feedback collecting Smileys in 63 of its stores, in addition to measuring customer feedback across multiple online points  

HappyOrNot (, the leading customer experience improvement solution, relied upon by the likes of Elkjøp, Levi’s StadiumAutogrilland London Heathrow Airport, today announces it has signed European sporting goods retail giant XXL Sport & Villmark (XXL) as a customer.  

The HappyOrNot solution will help XXL to collect critical customer feedback within its stores and online, during the pandemic and beyond, and use the data to make lasting business improvements 

XXL will be using HappyOrNot’s Smiley Touch touchscreen terminal in each of its 63 stores in Norway and Sweden to collect in-moment, actionable customer experience feedback. The real-time insights will alert staff to potentially urgent issues, provide minute-by-minute happiness breakdowns, and illustrathighest and lowest satisfaction levels. 

In addition, XXL will be utilising HappyOrNot’s newly bolstered suite of Smiley Digital products to measure customer experience across 20 different points within its online services.  

Working with HappyOrNot will allow XXL to gather specific customer impressions, identify causes and trends, and make dynamic improvements that not only can be measured and monitored, but are based on data rather than unscientific hunches.  

Results from a pilot carried out in three of XXL’s stores provided evidence that despite the pandemic customer engagement remained high. Moving forward, XXL aims to achieve a 90% positive CX score each of their stores, in an effort to become the most customer-friendly retailer within its industry. HappyOrNot’s terminals will provide XXL management with over approximately 3 million impressions per year, equating to over 95 times more feedback collected by mystery shoppers.  

Results of customer attitudes are accessible 24/7 via an online dashboard, app, and email reports. These provide autonomy to store and senior management and give an overview of customer satisfaction and employee performance, which can be used to pinpoint areas that require improvement and also serve as motivation and reward for jobs well done 

Responding to changing customer habits and expectations is an increasingly important factor following the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retailers. 

Arvi Väänänen, CX Expert Business Consultant at HappyOrNot comments: “Within the first two weeks of using HappyOrNot, XXL was able to use the customer feedback data to make prompt changes that were then seen in the results. 

It is our honor to provide XXL with reliable and actionable data that enables store managers and staff to make quick and effective changes that improve experiences, and that they can be proud of. These are the first steps towards long-term annual development, and together we are sure they will meet their CX goals.” 

Andre SørensenManaging Director at XXL Norway adds: “By investing in customer engagement we will be equipped to fulfill their changing needs and expectations. The fact is that listening to customers and ensuring their concerns and feedback is carefully considered and acted upon is going to be crucial for retailers.” 

About XXL Sport & Villmark 

XXL Sport & Villmark (Also called XXL) is a Norwegian sporting goods retailer with brick and mortar shops and ecommerce stores in Scandinavia and Austria. Founded in the year 2000, XXL’s headquarters are located in OsloNorway, and remains the largest and fastest growing sports retailer by revenue in the Nordic region. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and opened its first store in central Oslo in 2001 and its first online store in 2002. Today, XXL has 36 department stores in Norway, plus department stores in Sweden, Finland, and Austria. The vision is still the same – Everything the sports enthusiasts, the fitness enthusiast and the outdoor person need under one roof, from the best brands, and at the best prices. 


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