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Visit Tampere partners with HappyOrNot to measure how visitors feel about Tampere city

Visit Tampere, an expert organization for marketing of tourism, events and congresses in Tampere, Finland has partnered with its fellow Tampere-based company HappyOrNot, makers of the ‘smiley face’ feedback terminals found in airports and retail spaces across the world, in their initiative to gauge how visitors feel about Tampere. 

The coming IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, taking place from 13 to 29 May in the newly constructed Nokia Arena, will bring tens of thousands of visitors to Tampere city, Visit Tampere will deploy 10 HappyOrNot’s Smiley Touch touchscreen terminals in hotels across the city to capture the sentiment of visitors by asking “How do you feel about Tampere?”.   

The Smiley Touch terminals, which enable layered feedback via follow up options and open text capability, will also provide Visit Tampere with in-depth information on the “why” of visitors’ feedback. These added insights will help Visit Tampere understand how visitors perceive the general atmosphere, such as nature, people, and safety, and services available, such as events, bars & nightlife, and saunas. 

The initiative will run for 3 weeks from 10 to 31 May with a Smiley Touch terminal placed at each of the following hotels across the city: 

  1. Courtyard by Marriott
  2. Dream Hostel
  3. Holiday Inn Tampere
  4. Lapland Hotels Arena
  5. Lapland Hotels Tampere
  6. Scandic City (Hameenkatu)
  7.  Scandic Hämeenpuisto
  8. Scandic Koskipuisto
  9. Scandic Rosendahl  
  10. Scandic Tampere Station 

Visit Tampere and HappyOrNot will also publish the results of the survey following the conclusion of the partnership. 


About Visit Tampere 

Visit Tampere is an expert organization for marketing of tourism, events and congresses in Tampere, Finland. Our goal is to strengthen the position of Tampere as an internationally attractive location for tourists, events and congresses. We are owned by the City of Tampere and we are a subsidiary of Business Tampere. Visit to learn more.