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Computer Weekly: Startup success is ‘The Finnish Dream’

In the recent Computer Weekly article “Startup success is “The Finnish Dream”, journalist Matthew Staff discusses with several Finnish tech company C-levels—Robin Squire, CEO and co-founder of Black Block, CMO Saara Bergström of Next Games, and, our very own Heikki Väänänen—about the Finnish concept akin to “The American Dream” called “Sisu”.

Summed up as “bravery in the face of adversity”, this resilience is naturally aligned to a startup way of thinking, and it’s no coincidence that Finland – and especially its capital, Helsinki – has become one of the hottest breeding grounds for digital startup success.

Read more to find out why Väänänen says: “I see ‘Sisu’ manifest itself in the Helsinki startup scene every day. Entrepreneurs won’t take no for an answer and they bounce back up when they’re knocked down. We all have our troubles at points in our business’s development, but also have the grit required to overcome these hurdles to ensure we become very successful.

“This is what makes Helsinki, and Finland more broadly, unique.”

You can read the full article via Computer Weekly here.

For more insight on the concept of Sisu in business and leadership, check out this Forbes Article by Heikki Väänänen here.