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American Dispensary Identified As Having The Happiest Customers in The World 

HappyOrNot analyzed 47 million international data points to identify the retail location with the happiest customers in the world – and it’s a natural cannabis pharmaceutical company in Oregon, USA

To coincide with the publication of the World Happiness Report announcing (for the fifth year in a row) that Finland is the World’s Happiest Country, Finland-based HappyOrNot ( – makers of the ‘smiley face’ feedback terminals found in airports and retail spaces across the world – has analyzed millions of customer feedback data points in to identify and crown the shop with the happiest customers in the world. 

Analyzing levels of positive customer feedback (‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ button presses on HappyOrNot’s terminals) from March 1st 2021 to March 13th 2022 in retail locations across the globe, HappyOrNot has revealed that the happiest shop is the Stark Street store location of Nectar, – a natural cannabis pharmaceutical company with 34 stores located across Oregon, USA. Its happiness levels have, for the past three years, consistently ranked at 98% or above; in comparison, the US retail average for 2021 was 90.2%. 

About Nectar  

Since launching in 2014, Nectar has grown to become one of Oregon’s biggest dispensary brands with 34 branches Statewide and in 2021 Nectar was ranked No.1 on the list of largest cannabis and hemp businesses in Oregon for the second year running by the Portland Business Journal. Nectar’s Stark location has achieved exemplary customer satisfaction levels that have only increased year after year: 

  • Percentage of positive customer feedback in 2022: 99.7% 
  • Percentage of positive customer feedback in 2021: 99.5% 
  • Percentage of positive customer feedback in 2020: 98.3% 

Joe Ruhoff, Director of Retail Operations at Nectar, comments:  

Happy, satisfied customers is the most important part of a shopping experience to us and our team. Being able to give the most enjoyable experience is what we train and strive to achieve. Happy staff means happy customers, and it helps build lasting customer relations for future visits. The pandemic has taught us to maintain a forward thinking approach. The safety and comfort for our staff and customers is our main objective. Our teams have done such an amazing job handling the day to day operations, keeping a smile on their faces and helping us evolve during these trying times.” 

Miika Mäkitalo, CEO of HappyOrNot, comments:

“Customer satisfaction is key to the successful growth and evolution of any business, and having the happiest customers in the world is an accolade that any business should be envious of. There is no doubt Nectar has found the perfect balance between attentiveness and professionalism, and their satisfaction levels from the last three years prove their commitment to ensuring that they provide the best service they can for their customers.”