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AboitizPower partners with HappyOrNot to digitally expand and streamline customer feedback

AboitizPower, one of Asia’s leading energy companieshas rolled out HappyOrNot’s world-famous feedback terminals in its utility service centers across the Philippines to improve its business using customer feedback, with digitafeedback expansion on the horizon  


TAMPERE & MANILA  HappyOrNot, the leading instant customer feedback insights solution relied upon by the likes of Elkjøp, Levi’s Stadium, Autogrill, Good2Go stores, and London Heathrow Airport, has partnered with energy provider AboitizPower (, responsible for the generation and distribution of power across the Philippines.

HappyOrNot’s Smiley Terminals enable AboitizPower’s subsidiary providers to collect and analyze customer feedback data across its main distribution utility centers. With in-moment data analytics and automated reports, customer service and senior management teams at Visayan ElectricDavao Light, and Cotabato Light are able to pinpoint issues, uncover causes, and formulate data-informed improvements at each of its physical utility centers.

Through HappyOrNot’s terminals, AboitizPower’s providers are able to streamline and bolster its feedback collection processes, with 24/7 access to online quick view summaries and instant performance breakdowns. Removing the reliance on manual measuring and face-to-face feedback interviews, HappyOrNot terminals offer an interactive solution that will help AboitizPower achieve its long-term CX goals and meticulously track customer satisfaction levels.

A total of 11 terminals will be positioned across AboitizPower’s three energy partners’ extremely busy business centers, with Visayan Electric and Davao Light deploying five each, and Cotabato Light utilizing one terminal. In addition, and to complement the physical terminals, AboitizPower is soon to deploy HappyOrNot’s Smiley Digital™ product across its online distribution channels, including its mobile app, email, social media, and other communication tools.

Woman pressing button on Smiley Terminal at AboitizPower

Despite being a majority cash-based economy, the Philippines is a fast-developing country with strong digital mobile networks. As it continues to close the technology gap, customer convenience and expectation is increasing. Through its partnership with HappyOrNotAboitizPower is taking a significant step towards future-proofing its services by implementing a range of holistic customer feedback solutions.   

Since using HappyOrNot’s terminals and reporting system, AboitizPower has already been able to identify several customer pain points and make positive changes to address customer sentiment. For example, reassigning and redistributing frontline workers during peak hours to support the main service centres and reduce customers’ waiting time. This re-alignment of agents resulted in improved satisfaction ratings, and, along with other data-informed changes, were able to increase average customer satisfaction scores which  subsequently rose from 80% to 92%.  

 “We have long been searching for a better and more efficient solution to capture customer feedback data, and upon discovering HappyOrNot’s smileyfaced terminals, we were immediately keen to utilize their technology,” commented Reynold Felix, VP for Customer Services at AboitizPower. “Both the ease of installation and the extent of the data feedback reports analyzing hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and comparative results, made them the obvious choice. Now, we can leave our customers to rate our services themselves, and spend more time and energy developing intelligent solutions to the challenges we face. Through this partnership, we are excited at the opportunity it gives us to not only exceed our customer experience aims, but also expand our digital capabilities too.

Anton Perdices, Chief Operating Officer of AboitizPower concurred with Reynold’s statement, and summarized by saying “it has really allowed us to analyze trends, in particular, the days and specific hours that redistributing staff will achieve the best results in customer satisfaction.” 

“Being an archipelago, the Philippines does not have the best internet infrastructure, however, it does have a world-class GSM network,” added Gerry Urbina, Managing Director of G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions. “This feature puts HappyOrNot at a distinct advantage over its competitors as feedback is guaranteed to be transmitted instantly, enabling the AboitizPower team to make adjustments based on real-time data.”

“One of the key reasons that Aboitiz Power chose HappyOrNot was the simplicity and ease of giving feedback, followed by the meaningful data reports which can be act on instantly when issues are spotted,” Piyush Mehta, Regional Sales Director of APJ at HappyOrNot said. This supports their key objective to continually improve their business and deliver the highest levels of customer service.”  


About AboitizPower 

Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower, AP) is the holding company for the Aboitiz Group’s investments in power generation, distribution, and retail electricity services. Incorporated in 1998, AboitizPower is a publicly listed holding company that, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, is a leader in the Philippine power industry and has interest in a number of privately-owner generation companies and distribution utilities. 

Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) currently owns 76.88% of the outstanding capital stock of AboitizPower as of March 27, 2015. 

About G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions Corp. 

Established in 2011, G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions, Corp., official HappyOrNot reseller partner, and the exclusive distributor of long-range wireless notification solutions for use in different industries across the Philippines. We offer a wide range of reliable on-site paging solutions to improve efficiency and customer service for a variety of sectors. In fact, restaurants, hospitals, and retail businesses are just a few that our systems can help increase sales, productivity and customer satisfaction.

G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions, Corp. helps businesses enhance productivity and customer service through the most cutting-edge and customer-driven communication technologies. G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions, Corp is part of GRUPO URBINA – a group of companies that specialize in market-first Intelligent Solutions.