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Two customers shopping and laughing at a clothing store expressing joy from their experience

On-Demand Webinar

Rethinking Retail: How to put customers at the heart of your strategy

91% of customers leave and never come back if they receive a negative experience. Retailers need to be aware of how consumers experience their brand before it’s too late.

In this session, we offer exclusive insights on how retailers can boost customer loyalty (and basket size!) by focusing on customer experience.

Topics covered:

  • Addressing the e-commerce era 
    How to differentiate your stores from the competition
  • The psychology of customer interaction
    How to grab the opportunity to offer positive emotions over a bad experience
  • The omnichannel approach
    Understanding how your customers make purchasing decisions

Bonus: How San Francisco 49ers achieved a 98.99% customer retention rate with a real-time customer feedback solution.

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