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Juvenes develops more individual services with HappyOrNot

“With HappyOrNot, we know how our customers are doing — all day, every day, in all our locations. Real-time customer experience data helps us understand the direction we are headed to. We can react to certain observations immediately and use Analytics to help us with short and long-term development.”

Päivi Lindén
CEO, Juvenes Oy
Industry: Services
Area: Europe
Solution: Smiley Touch

Customer experience is continuous down-to-earth teamwork

HappyOrNot was implemented simultaneously in all locations and the entire personnel has access to the Reporting service. One indicator of success for Juvenes is how well the use of HappyOrNot is instilled in the daily work of the entire personnel. Since its launch, HappyOrNot has helped Juvenes to:

Improve the individualization of services through increased customer understanding and feedback

Establish customer satisfaction as an important success and business operational indicator

Motivate, engage, and increase meaningfulness of work for entire personnel

Increase interaction with customers by sharing results and communicating improvements

The ease of giving feedback encouraged wider use of the service

The ease of giving feedback encouraged wider use of the service

The strongly growing Juvenes implemented HappyOrNot in all of its locations in 2019. The real-time Analytics helps its various locations develop individually as they receive feedback directly from the specific location’s customers.

Measuring customer experience helps Juvenes see what customers like and what they do not like. Real-time customer satisfaction data is a direct indication of customer expectations and enables Juvenes to individualize and improve its services according to customer wishes in terms of, for example, the functionality, waiting times and menu of the location.

“I believe that our industry is constantly moving further from the traditional model where it is the customer who adapts to a concept. The concepts, milieus, and clienteles of our various restaurants differ from each other. This is visible in the diversity of the food and services offered at the various restaurants, but also in the ability to create and develop the customer experience individually for each location,” says CEO Päivi Lindén.

“We want to stay one step ahead and engage our customers in the development of our services. For example, as we plan new locations, we familiarize ourselves with the background material, ask, listen and come up with concepts together with our partners. The use of real-time customer experience data in proactive development makes it possible to provide services that suit our customers’ needs and wishes,” Päivi explains.

“The amount of feedback has increased severalfold with HappyOrNot”

Juvenes uses HappyOrNot’s tablet-based Smiley Touch™. The speed, ease, and clarity of giving feedback bring about a large number of responses. The real-time feedback and advanced and open feedback options of the Smiley Touch provide valuable additional information on the reasons behind the feedback.

“HappyOrNot makes the customer experience visible for our personnel and our customers. Our entire personnel can view the customer experience results for their location and all the other locations as well. Openness and transparency are key in developing operations and sharing best practices.

Sharing the results also highlights the fact that the improvement of customer experience is teamwork. Business intelligence at Juvenes increases significantly as we see the results and understand and become aware of the versatile ways that our entire organization can utilize Analytics in our daily work,” tells Päivi.

“When it’s easy and fun to give feedback, customers want to do it. The amount of feedback has increased severalfold since we implemented HappyOrNot. We have also already noticed that customers are eager to give open feedback with HappyOrNot’s devices. With HappyOrNot, we know how our customers are doing — all day, every day, in all our locations. Real-time customer experience data helps us understand the direction we are headed to.”

Most of Juvenes’ locations utilize the possibility to share customer satisfaction results with the customers. Transparency is promoted by sharing the survey results on information screens with HappyOrNot’s Live Sharing function. In locations with no information screens, the up-to-date results are posted on bulletin boards.

“At Juvenes, the customer is always truly at the center of our operations. I believe that our “Customer-oriented strategy” is our competitive edge now and in the future. This means that we create, come up with concepts and tailor our service solutions according to the customers in each location,” explains Päivi.

Strong collaboration ensures a smooth implementation

HappyOrNot and Juvenes carried out the implementation in strong collaboration from beginning to end. With the help of the collaboration, it was possible to ensure that Juvenes can utilize the full potential of the service.

“The implementation of HappyOrNot was truly significant for the entire organization. We made no compromises in the execution. We wanted to ensure that the entire organization is covered by Analytics immediately as the customer experience data gathered by HappyOrNot Reporting service supports the achievement of the entire organization’s goals,” says Päivi.

“The same easy-to-understand Analytics can be used daily by the customer service personnel and restaurant managers in our locations as well as all kitchen employees, supervisors and other members of the organization.

“We can react to certain observations immediately and use Analytics to help us with short and long-term development. Our customers share their experiences with HappyOrNot’s Smiley Touch, and at Juvenes, we can use Analytics to maintain and develop our operations and successes,” tells Päivi.


Engaging all employees is the basis of success

From the beginning, the goal of the implementation was to ensure that both Juvenes’ restaurant managers, as well as the employees working with the customer interface, know how to use the HappyOrNot Reporting service and adapt the service they provide according to the data.

Engagement: Restaurant managers’ role in utilizing the HappyOrNot Reporting service is significant as it’s their task to forward the data to their team and engage them to use the service and be customer experience-oriented in the best possible manner. Engaging employees is easy as the entire Juvenes personnel feels satisfied with the ease and versatility of the HappyOrNot feedback products and Reporting service.

Close communication: The personnel’s competence and ability to understand the relationship between Analytics and daily operations has been enforced through close communication by HappyOrNot Customer Success managers. Continuous communication and sharing information on the best ways to use the Analytics data in practice, they also track how Juvenes’ employees use the service and what their further training needs are.

Clear action plan and benchmarks: Juvenes and HappyOrNot planned the phases of the implementation and employee engagement as well as the employee materials together. The training focused specifically on the utilization of the Analytics data in practice. Juvenes also linked customer experience to the goals of the teams and employees.

“We organized a training for Juvenes employees where we explored the benefits of the service as well as the improvement measures made based on it. We also looked for solutions to unsolved challenges together. The training and visits to the various locations enable us to share best practices with the other locations and deepen our understanding of the analysis of the results and improvement of the customer experience,” tells Sanna Kulmala .

Benefits of HappyOrNot for Juvenes

Focus on customer experience is an established part of the daily operations

Improving customer experience concretely has been adopted in the corporate culture and daily work, which is manifested in, for example, that the organization has already agreed on concrete practices for how the service is used and how to act if, for example, customer satisfaction decreases in a location.

Employee engagement is also visible in how interested the employees are in the results. For example, the cooks want to know the results and contents of open feedback from the day before to be able to utilize them as they plan their menus.

“It has been wonderful to see how eager our employees have been to adopt HappyOrNot. The continuous and real-time tracking of customer experience is interesting to everyone. It’s easy and clear to track customer satisfaction on a general level in Analytics and, if necessary, to dig deeper in certain areas. I use the mobile app to track the overall satisfaction, open feedback and Analytics from our various locations, no matter where I am. We have already made some interesting insights with the help of Analytics,” says Päivi.

About Juvenes

Juvenes started using the HappyOrNot customer satisfaction Analytics service to respond to the customer expectations in its various locations and to make customer experience visible on all levels of the organization

Juvenes Oy is a Finnish restaurant and hospitality company which offers high-quality restaurant, meal and café services as well as event and meeting services. The chain includes restaurants in urban business clusters, employee restaurants in company premises, student restaurants in educational institutes, event locations and a kiosk.

Many of the restaurants and cafés also function as popular catering restaurants with versatile catering, event and meeting services utilized by companies, educational organizations, associations, and private individuals. Juvenes has 250 employees and the anticipated turnover for 2019 is approximately EUR 23 million. Juvenes serves approximately 3 million meals each year.

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