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Who are we? We’re HappyOrNot! (with special emphasis on the Happy)

Whether you know about us already, or don’t, our mission at HappyOrNot is simple: To make the world a happier place, one Smiley at a time.

We help companies connect and engage with their customers and employees in order to improve their service performance, brand image, and organizational well-being.

From our start in 2009 to reaching our 7th year in business, we’ve grown as a company quickly, yet stick together like a close family. Check out this post to see our business growth year over year – it’s quite stellar!

Why a blog?

Because we’ve got a lot of great insights to share!

Are you a customer? end user? prospect? employee? customer experience expert or novice? No matter where you fit, if you’re interested to learn about and gain insights into the importance of customer and employee satisfaction improvement, then we’ve got what you’ll be looking for.

What will we talk about?

Here’s some of the topics you can expect from us.

We will use our blog as a platform to share our industry insights and expertise on customer and employee satisfaction improvement. We’ll offer up such items as:

  • Tips and tricks – simple steps you can take to improve your business by improving your customer’s and employee’s happiness
  • Top lists – best practices, top performers
  • Industry specific business insights – more in depth elaboration on some of the highlights you can find in our Business Insights pages

Our blog will be a one-stop shop for the for all things “satisfaction improvement” related where interested persons can read, learn, share, and voice their own opinions.

We’ll also be inviting guest bloggers here to share their insights and expertise, so watch our News section for the first one, anticipated during March / April.

And, of course, to also keep it interesting, we’ll throw in a few funny and entertaining posts every now and then!

How can you leave feedback?

As we develop our blog even further, we will create a follow and comment section where you are free to chime in and give us your inputs on what you’ve read. If, however, you are very keen to check-in with us immediately, you can always jump over to our Contact Us page and leave us a message.

For now, we’re starting out on a (on average) one-post-per-month basis, and will gradually work up to more frequent posting as our blog grows!


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30 March 2016

We will have our first guest blog by CCXP professional Annette Franz who will discuss how the following areas help companies to enhance their Customer Experience improvement process:

      Customer-Centric Culture
      Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding
      Organizational Adoption and Accountability
      Customer Experience Strategy
      Experience Design, Improvement, and Innovation
      Metrics, Measurement, and ROI

So don’t miss out on this great upcoming piece!