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Validate your campaigns and messaging with HappyOrNot Demographics

Are you targeting the right audience with your marketing campaigns and messaging? Special discounts, focus weeks, two for one, buy X and get one for free, free service for the first year – is it hitting the mark?   

It’s crucial to ensure that your efforts are reaching the people who are most likely to be loyal customers and brand advocates. While loyalty programs provide insights into the purchasing behavior of program members, what about the opinions and views of non-members who are still potential customers? 

Enter in-the-moment feedback. By utilizing instant feedback, you can evaluate the impact of your marketing initiatives on different target audiences. You just need a way to connect the feedback with the demographic information of your target audiences. And that’s exactly what HappyOrNot Demographics will allow you to do. Using demographic data you can validate the effect of your discounts, campaigns and other initiatives and their effect on the customer experience of a selected target group.  

Each retailer is different, and within different areas of retail, the customers’ priorities might be totally different. What matters is that retailers focus on the metrics that matter to them, rather than trying to measure every single shopper activity available. 

Target audience vs. Visitors – are they a match?

Let’s walk through an example. Say you sent marketing emails to the target audience you believe will be most interested in your offering, in this case, males between the ages of 45 and 64. So how will you determine if your campaign was a success for this audience? You would ask a relevant survey question about your product, service, availability, etc. then review the feedback results to see which customers groups gave positive feedback, and, just as importantly, which customer groups were unsatisfied.  

Based on the insights, you can determine whether you hit the sweet spot with your marketing message or not. If the results show that the targeted audience – males between 45 and 64- were in fact the ones who visited the store and whose feedback was the most positive, you can use this information to confidently continue to drive similar activities to this group.  

However, if the feedback results show that your campaign did not attract the desired target audience to the store, you can use these insights to further refine your marketing programs to hit the right target audiences who are most likely to react, purchase, and return.  

Snapshot of the HappyOrNot Demographics feedback result widget in Analytics

Use Demographics to validate your marketing programs

HappyOrNot Demographics lets you know which demographic groups the person giving feedback belongs to. And what’s best, it provides this information without any additional friction in the survey, meaning you do not need to ask people who they are.  

This allows you to learn the age and gender through the automatic AI-based unique technology. What’s best is that our innovative technology enables this information capture without compromising privacy as there is no recognition of an actual person, just detection of the demography.  

This capability is already highly appreciated by many of our customers as they can now focus resources on more targeted campaigns that bring the most value. With Demographics, our customers have been able to develop better personas, more effective merchandising and layouts, and gain a better understanding of their brand’s perception. 

Check out our FAQ to learn more about Demographics and the anonymity of the data. 

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