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UK Shoppers Unhappy during Black Friday: How Retailers Can Improve for December

With only 17 shopping days to go before Christmas, retailers are racing to get as much holiday and year-end sales as possible – but to be successful the focus should be on their shoppers’ happiness.

Black Friday, unfortunately, didn’t fare as well as predicted for brick and mortar stores. According to an article published by the Telegraph, data from analytics firm Springboard showed footfall on Friday falling by seven percent on the high street and five percent at shopping centres as compared to 2015.

And it’s no coincidence that HappyOrNot’s shopper satisfaction data shows the same downward trend on this year’s Black Friday as in 2015. Overall shopper satisfaction dropped more than 10% throughout the day – and unhappy customers leads to lost sales.

Black Friday: Hourly Shopper Satisfaction in the UK 2015-2016

It would appear as though venturing out to fight crowds on Black Friday may be losing its appeal. Online sales rose by 25 percent, shows figures from PCA Predict. This highlights the importance of brick and mortar retailers to make the best of every opportunity for increasing sales.

HappyOrNot released data just one week ago identifying that shopper dissatisfaction has consecutively shown the same downward trend during key holiday shopping days – “Super Saturday” and December 23rd – and predicts the same situation for 2016. However, they have provided tips for retailers how to boost shopper happiness and increase sales.

How to increase sales with happier shoppers

  • Plan adequate work-shifts, especially during the peak traffic hours of 2 – 5pm
  • Ensure sufficient product stock is available and easily accessible for shoppers
  • Place added focus on staff motivation and support, as positive staff attitudes reflect positively on consumers

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