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The Key to Achieve Your CX Goals: Engage Your Entire Retail Team

by HappyOrNot

As head of retail, improving your company’s CX is your top priority. Today’s consumers have high expectations for the in-store experience. But like you, they’re busy and rarely willing to spend their personal time completing lengthy surveys and answering interview questions once they’ve left your stores.

On top of collecting meaningful feedback, you need to grow awareness about the importance of consumer insight within all departments and teams across your entire retail chain. Then, you need to ensure the right people are in charge to create action plans from those insights. Otherwise, why bother collecting data in the first place?

So how exactly can you start using customer insights to make better decisions for your retail business?

Empower all roles within your retail business to improve CX

A real-time CX solution makes it effortless for your customers to share their feedback whenever they want—and it gives your retail team easy-to-understand data that they can turn into actionable change.

Since customer satisfaction is in a constant state of flux, you need 24/7 CX visibility across your entire chain of retail stores. And by constantly measuring customer happiness across all touchpoints, your team will be able to analyze the data in real-time, pinpoint problem areas, and make immediate improvements.

In making your customer happiness data transparent across the entire organization, you’ll build trust among all levels. From the C-suite to your customer service staff, all roles within your retail business can use a real-time CX solution to achieve your business goals.

How HappyOrNot benefits every company level

C-Level Retail Executives:
CX data is your competitive advantage to stand apart from your competition

  • Gain a high-level overview of customer satisfaction across your entire retail business
  • Identify which areas of your business require development, and formulate business decisions based on factual data
  • Use business-wide performance data to improve all retail KPIs including acquisition, retention, and revenue
  • Document and report the impact improved CX has on key company metrics to board members and stakeholders

Heads of Retail and Customer Experience:
CX data & operational data combined are your secret powers to reach your goals

  • Gain 24/7 CX visibility on all stores in your responsibility area
  • Use aggregated CX data to make operational decisions that ensure each store operates at peak performance
  • Empower your staff with a simple yet powerful tool to track and manage customer satisfaction
  • Deliver CX reports to your superiors that validate customer pain points and show the impact of your improvement strategies

Store Managers:
Use CX data to support your frontline staff and increase customer loyalty

  • Track and report real-time customer happiness across all touchpoints in your store
  • Identify customer pain points, make corrective actions, and verify the outcomes
  • Share results with your frontline staff to motivate them to provide better service, and reward best performers
  • Increase employee engagement, customer loyalty, and sales

Customer Service Staff:
CX data tells you how your customers feel and helps you serve them better

  • Understand your crucial frontline service role and how you influence CX
  • Gain motivation and pride in providing a great service experience
  • Immediately act upon customer feedback and see your efforts validated through satisfaction data
  • Keep customers happy and coming back to your stores

Give your team an innovative solution to measure in-store CX

The more complex a technology system is, the less people will use it. But when a real-time feedback solution is simple and easy to use, your employees become empowered to turn daily insights into action to improve CX across your entire retail chain.

When providing feedback is effortless and anonymous, customers are willing to do so—meaning you collect large volumes of data and can monitor authentic CX trends over the long-term. You get CX insights that simply aren’t attainable through traditional methods like surveys and interviews.

You’ll find out: Is customer service getting better, worse, or staying the same? What departments, stores, and regions are providing the best service? Where is there room for improvement?

Enable store managers to plan high-impact actions

With instant CX insights at their fingertips, your store managers will spend less time interpreting complex data, and more time planning actions to improve customer happiness.

By measuring satisfaction at all touchpoints of the customer journey (specific departments, product aisles, checkout, queues), store managers can easily pinpoint the areas where customer dissatisfaction occurs and make the necessary improvements. Even simple changes can have huge effects on customer happiness.

“HappyOrNot helps us to create more satisfied customers, uplift the team spirit, and make daily work more fun.” - Head of People Management of a multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer

For example, if store managers see very unhappy feedback results when several floor staff take the same lunch hour break, they can simply stagger the breaks to ensure enough workers are on the floor at any given time.

Visualized CX reports and graphs make it easy for managers to understand the data and explain it to their staff. They can educate their frontline team on what it really means to provide excellent customer service, and empower them to do so.

Motivate frontline staff to improve customer service

Your frontline staff play a crucial role in improving your CX. When they see satisfaction results, they’ll become more aware of their interactions with customers, and feel part of the driving change behind your improvements.

When store managers maintain open communication and are transparent about company goals and performance, customer service employees will become more deeply invested in the company—which ultimately leads to happier customers.

"Thanks to the HappyOrNot system, we know for example exactly what times of day more employees should be available for advice. We can immediately analyze where something went wrong when we receive negative reviews, and respond accordingly. On the other hand, collecting positive reviews also motivates the employees, who become proud of their achievements when top ratings are achieved.” - Dominic Möckli, Director of national hypermarket chain TopCC

The employee experience drives the customer experience. Motivating your employees is crucial, since only engaged and motivated staff can provide an experience that will keep customers coming back to your stores.

Wondering how HappyOrNot would solve your specific challenges? Book your free online consultation with our retail CX expert.

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