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Take Care of Your Employees So They Take a Better Care of Your Customers

The service provided to customers is a representation of the company itself. In the hospitality industry, customer service is an ideology. Every employee representing the company follows this ideology to support the common mission.

It is the mission of Omni Dallas hotel to employ a staff dedicated to providing a personalized service that leaves a long-lasting experience for each guest.

There have been numerous studies done demonstrating the connection between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Consider this:

According to Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement assessment (source), businesses in the top quartile of engagement averaged 22 percent higher profit than those in the bottom quartile of our database. Top-quartile companies are 90 percent above their competition on earnings per share, and the top 10 percent are 147 percent above their competition on earnings per share.

There’s a very important, nontrivial link between engagement and financial performance — if it’s measured the right way.

Why is employee engagement so important? Here is an answer by Annette Franz (Gleneicki), CCXP

“The employee experience drives the customer experience. If employees aren’t happy, satisfied, engaged, and passionate about what they do, your customers will be the recipients of their backlash.”

How happy is your workforce?

Omni Dallas Hotel has its own case study to share showing just one simple way they are measuring employee satisfaction and job happiness.

In 2015, Omni Dallas conducted its annual associate survey to see where improvements could be made. Scoring low was the associate’s cafeteria. To make necessary improvements, leadership formed the “Cafeteria Committee” to drive change.   

The committee struggled to measure associate feedback and make specific changes to the dining experience in the cafeteria.  To solve this dilemma, the Cafeteria Committee looked to HappyOrNot.  

HappyOrNot is a global leader in instant employee and customer satisfaction reporting with our innovative feedback smileys, helping clients across the globe to stay on the pulse of their daily work atmosphere. The company’s intelligent reporting service allows HR departments to effectively follow the daily employee satisfaction to identify needs for implementing immediate changes.

“With the introduction of HappyOrNot service in February of 2016, Omni Dallas Hotel’s Cafeteria Committee was able to quickly gain a better understanding of associate feedback on a daily basis in order to identify trends and reaction to specific meal options.” Jeffrey DeWolf, President of Wolf Prairie (a HappyOrNot Official Partner)

A HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal was positioned in the cafeteria near the exit to ask for associate feedback immediately following the dining experience. The question How did you enjoy your dining experience?” invited associates to provide feedback by pressing a Smiley button that best relates to their experience.

Within the first 2 months, the Cafeteria Committee received more than 7,400 associate response. The daily and weekly reports allow the committee to analyze data and feed information to the cafeteria staff the very next day.  The committee has learned which days are the best and which days are worst, tying the feedback to specific meals and offers.  The data helps establish patterns and offer immediate solutions that help improve the associate experience.

“We needed a way to gauge the effectiveness of the improvements we were making in our associate cafeteria, and the HappyOrNot smiley terminal fit the bill! It allows us to receive quick feedback that we can share with our cafeteria staff the very next day. In the past it’s been difficult to get feedback, but associates find the simple, tangible button push a convenient and fun way to share their feelings.” Bethany Gillam, Area Director of Human Resources

HappyOrNot feedback serves the purpose of effectively addressing problems at work,  and shows employees that their opinion and well-being is important.

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About Omni Dallas Hotel

Located in the center of the revitalized downtown Dallas, Omni Dallas Hotel is connected via sky bridge to the Dallas Convention Center and close to restaurants, shops, the Dallas Arts District and more. Local history and flavor is showcased throughout the hotel. Guest rooms, meeting space and restaurants all feature pieces from local Dallas artists. Stunning views of downtown can be enjoyed from the terrace pool deck and spacious fitness center. Omni Dallas Hotel is built to meet the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold Certification standards, placing it on the forefront of environmental awareness and conservation in the city.

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About Wolf Prairie

Wolf Prairie (Official Partner of HappyOrNot) is a premier provider of job happiness and leadership consulting. Wolf Prairie helps companies achieve high performance through organizational strength, intentional leadership, and ridiculous levels of job happiness. HappyOrNot smiley terminals are a central Wolf Prairie strategy for creating a year-round, ubiquitous, and tangible focus on associate job happiness and cultural healthiness. Proud to be one of HappyOrNot’s first North American partners focused on employee satisfaction, Wolf Prairie’s JobHapp365™ program includes a number of creative and effective tools to monitor, measure, and maximize Job Happiness.

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