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Customer experience

Smiley Digital surveys: Keep customers on their journey with you

People are usually asked to fill in surveys after their experiences, sometimes immediately, yet in many cases still much too long after. We know, that capturing their emotion as close to the moment of experience as possible provides more accurate feedback.

In digital channels, that’s typically right after completing an online purchase, just after a support chat, or at the end of an email. You might also measure customer satisfaction by sending out SMS surveys or asking from feedback in social media channels.  

Just because a transaction or interaction has ended and your customer has given feedback on their experience, doesn’t mean you have to end your engagement right then and there. Instead, why not encourage them to continue to interact with your brand by moving them forward along their digital journey with you?  

An easy and convenient way to do this is by redirecting them to a page of your choice after they’ve completed a customer survey. It’s a great opportunity to retarget your customers!  Check out our example video below to see it in action: 


Here are a few ideas of what their next destination could be: 

  • Promotional email: after reading, redirect subscribers to the web page with the featured offers 
  • Customer support chat: when the chat ends, redirect customers to a thank you page with a discount on their next purchase 
  • Check-out: redirect buyers to your online store home page 
  • Text message: redirect the customer to your home page 

Would you like to try it out for yourself? You can give us feedback on this article by responding to the survey below. 

Leave us your feedback and see how it works!  


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