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New release for Smiley Digital™ Embed

In June, we announced our new Smiley Digital with the three versions Smiley Digital Pop-up, Embed, and Solo. Now, we’re excited to introduce a nice enhancement to the Smiley Digital Embed – it’s now been extended to Email surveys! 

With Smiley Digital Embed for Emails, companies gain in-depth insights into their user experience to quickly pinpoint problem areas, uncover causes, and make improvements By making the ability to give feedback so convenient, intuitive, and fast for their customers, visitors, partners, and employees, companies also get high-volume feedback to make decisions that are informed by data and can be tracked and measured.  

How it works: 

It’s very easy to start using Smiley Digital Embed for Email surveys. Just copy and paste the panel with the question and the four Smileys into your email body or signature. 


Like all our Smiley Digital products, the 3-tier insights (initial question, follow up question with options, and open comments) are available:  

  1. The recipient of the email selects one of the four Smileys directly from within the email.
  2. They are re-directed to a web page where they can answer the follow-up question with options, (highlights for positive feedback or pain points for negative feedback)
  3. And lastly, they can leave open comments.

As a reminder, here are some of the key features of the Smiley Digital products 

  • Online and ready in minutes – it’s quick and easy to get started for virtually any digital or physical touchpoint  
  • Micro feedback across any channel – a convenient, safe, and fast way for people to share anonymous feedback, anywhere   
  • A complete and connected overview – gain even more in-depth insights to improve your performance and deliver seamless experiences 

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