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Keeping Up With Customers the Classic Way

Owners of Classic Car Wash,  the Best Car Wash in Silicon Valley 7 Years in a row, lists the very first point on their website as “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”.  Today, with 4 locations, Classic Car Wash continues its business by supporting a classic look and feel and dedication to superior customer service.

Customer engagement is crucial for any business, and is the first step in building loyalty. When customers choose companies with whom to do business, they often select those that stand behind their service promise. So a quality stamp must be present on everything a company does, from its people, to its products and service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

In keeping with their “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” promise, Classic Car Wash owners deployed the HappyOrNot Customer Satisfaction Improvement Service in all 4 locations to check in with their customers and find out the perceptions on the quality of service provided.

What attracted the Classic Car Wash owners to the HappyOrNot service was the ease of collecting customer feedback. Compared to online surveys and in store questionnaires that require time for which busy customers just don’t have, HappyOrNot’s feedback collecting and reporting service asks customers their opinion with one strategic question and customers respond by the simple push of a Smiley button.

The Smiley Terminals (which have 4 smiley buttons, ranging from a very happy green smiley, to a very unhappy red frowny) were created to be appealing for every age and culture, and to make giving feedback instinctive, easy and anonymous, and at the point of experience. Managers are able to review the analyzed response result data the very next day via either an automated email report, or by accessing the cloud based Reporting Service, and draw comparisons to operational activities during that period.

Instant insight into service performance

This instant insight into service performance and the ability to spot any fluctuations is key to identifying satisfaction and service levels. When instant feedback is possible, customers do not need to think back to how the service experience was weeks ago, for example, as with mail or email surveys, and businesses do not need to spend months analysing the responses to potential issues that would be well passed and near impossible to rectify.

In just 2 months of deploying the HappyOrNot service, store managers of Classic Car Wash were able to collect nearly 20,000 responses. Managers are happy to know their service performance and when and where improvements are needed, as well as how well they perform in the eyes of their customers. Additionally, customers are happy that Classic Car Wash is showing them that their opinion counts and that they are eager to provide superior customer service.

We are thrilled with our HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals and love how our customers are able to give us their honest opinion without the hassle of a long survey. The information collected is put into easy-to-read graphs that allow us to really pinpoint areas that we could improve upon and areas we are doing well in.

Not to mention their customer service is excellent! Our HappyOrNot representative, along with others who have helped along the way, are outstanding and always quick with responses. We couldn’t be happier. 

Mike Davis, General Manager

It gives us great pleasure to see clients succeed with their commitment to customer engagement. Clients are able to see positive feedback from their customers, and, better yet, managers know where to look when responses are not positive. The HappyOrNot reporting service provides managers with detailed statistics of service fluctuations so that changes can be immediately introduced and then monitored to see results those changes produced,” says Ville Levaniemi, EVP, Co-Founder, New Business, HappyOrNot Ltd.


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About Classic Car Wash

Locally owned and operated, Classic Car Wash has been voted best car wash in the Silicon Valley for 7 years in a row by The Mercury News. With 4 locations offering full detail service, Classic Car Wash also offers exterior repairs such as headlamp restoration, paint chip repairs, and bumper restoration. While waiting, take advantage of the food and beverage service which all locations have to offer or visit the Queen’s Chest Gift Shop located at the Robertsville, Delta Queen, and Lark Avenue locations. Queen’s Chest Gift Shop features many one of a kind gifts from around the world.

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About Redico, Official Partner of HappyOrNot

As a Manufacturer’s Rep, we represent the best companies in North America. With the array of products we have to offer, we can handle almost any need you have. In business since 1984, Redico started in the Convenience Store Industry and grew into the Supermarket, Home Center, and Retail markets in 1988. In that time, we have won 50 awards from the companies we represent for being the best at what we do… service our customers. The awards are called “sales awards”, but we realize that sales come by way of great service. We believe that if you order something from us, you should not have to worry about it again. We realize our future is totally dependent on our customers.

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About HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot® helps its clients to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer and employee satisfaction levels. We serve such sectors as retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, HoReCa, financial services, automotive, and public and governmental services. The HappyOrNot service has received several awards and recognition by major medias such as Daily Finance and USA Today, and featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg International and U.S., and CNBC. HappyOrNot is currently being used by over 2,000 retail and service chain organizations across 70 countries.

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