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Customer experience

Improve your operations with customer feedback insights

How do you take the learnings from the customer feedback data and apply it to your operations to make changes that improve the customer experience?

In the previous two posts in the series, we talked about how to get a lot of feedback and how it is important to understand what that feedback implies. Now, in this post we are going to focus on how doing this helps you improve your business’s operations. 

Understanding the customer feedback and finding out what really matters to customers and visitors is a vital step in improving your operations. When customers are happy with your products and service, they will come back. And that improved retention is a key ingredient in developing your business and bottom line, as increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.  

Once you have eliminated the blind spots and discovered the customer experience patterns, pain points, and highlights in your operations, it is time for action. 

Boosting customer satisfaction should not be a series of blind trials. With the insights that customer feedback data provides, you can focus your actions on identifying areas that are having the biggest impact on your company’s performance.  

Additionally, you can address issues where little fixes can bring immediate improvement to your customer satisfaction scores. This means you can continuously develop your operations over time as you learn more from what the feedback data is telling you. 

HappyOrNot provides instant, in-moment feedback for all collection points – both the physical (in-store) or digital (online) so you can make fast, informed, and data-driven decisions. 

The performance results data is available in several simple ways:  

  • Easy-to-read, printable reports that can be shared with your entire team 
  • Quick view tab (in the Analytics platform) that gives you the top-line overview of the data with minimum effort; and 
  • Details view tab–for you data buffs out there–that want to drill down, and slice and dice the insights at a granular level 

Enjoyed the series so far? There’s one more to come where we will look at the importance of sharing information and engaging your employees in the process to truly get the most out of a CX solution. More on that in our last chapter, Happy, engaged employees promote increased customer satisfaction.

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