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Holiday retail trends 2024 – here’s what to expect 

The holiday retail landscape is ever-evolving, and as we approach 2024, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve.  With customer behavior expected to play a significant role, companies need to be aware of the holiday retail trends for 2024.  

In this article, we’ll give you 5 trends to watch out for as we enter the new year, along with predictions for what we believe will make shoppers tick. 

How does the holiday season affect retail sales? 

The holiday season has always been a critical time for the retail industry, but the dynamics are changing rapidly this year. The landscape is evolving with shifting consumer demand and the continued growth of e-commerce sales. Research firm data shows that holiday sales are projected to grow at lower rates compared to last year. 

One notable trend is the impact of social commerce on consumer demand. Companies like Poshmark and Thread Up are set to take a piece of the holiday pie from traditional retail, with predictions indicating nearly ten times more holiday spending generated by social media than traditional marketing. 

5 predictions for the 2024 holiday season 

The holiday season is a pivotal time for businesses and consumers alike. With the e-commerce landscape constantly evolving and supply chains facing challenges, it’s crucial to anticipate what the 2024 holiday season may have in store.  

Here are 5 predictions that will shape this year’s holiday shopping experience: 

  1. Lower projected growth in e-commerce sales

While holiday sales grew substantially during the pandemic era, we anticipate lower projected growth in 2024. The initial surge in online shopping has stabilized, leading to a more modest increase in e-commerce sales during the fourth quarter.  

However, this doesn’t mean businesses should abandon their digital strategies. Instead, it’s a signal to remain flexible and adapt to changing consumer preferences. 

  1. Promotions with a twist

Retailers will get creative with holiday promotions to entice shoppers and compete in a crowded marketplace. Expect to see innovative approaches that focus on enhancing the customer experience.  

Beyond discounts, businesses may offer exclusive services, personalized shopping assistance, and unique experiences to stand out and win over customers. 

  1. Supply chain resilience takes center stage

Supply chains will continue to be critical in the 2024 holiday season. Although many of the disruptions from the pandemic era have been addressed, the lessons learned will lead to an emphasis on supply chain resilience.  

  1. Higher prices and a sharp rise in customer expectations

Increased costs associated with supply chain challenges and inflation will lead to higher prices for holiday products. In response, customers will have higher expectations for the quality of goods and the overall shopping experience. 

  1. Consumer search for sustainability

In 2024, shoppers will increasingly prioritize sustainability when making holiday purchases. Businesses that embrace eco-friendly practices, from packaging to sourcing, will resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.  

5 biggest trends to watch out for during 2024 holiday sales 

We must keep an eye on the latest trends as we enter the new holiday season e-commerce sales. Consumers search for savings, and retailers must be aware of these trends to avoid a potentially lost sale.  

These are the 5 most significant trends to watch out for during the 2024 holiday sales: 

  1. E-commerce reigns supreme

E-commerce’s dominance in the retail landscape continues to grow. Shoppers have embraced the convenience of online shopping, and the 2024 holiday season is expected to see a significant portion of total sales happening through online channels. Retailers must prioritize their online presence to capitalize on this trend. 

  1. Savings are still a priority

While the pandemic may be behind us, consumers’ focus on savings remains. Shoppers are actively searching for the best deals and discounts, so retailers must offer competitive prices and attractive promotions to prevent any potential lost sales. 

  1. Personalized shopping experiences

In 2024, consumers expect a more personalized shopping journey. Retailers who leverage AI and data analytics to understand customer preferences and provide tailored product recommendations will have a competitive edge. Personalization can significantly impact a shopper’s decision during the holiday season. 

  1. Efficient delivery and fulfillment

Same-day delivery and efficient fulfillment options continue to be in demand. Shoppers now anticipate quick and hassle-free shipping, even during the holiday rush. Retailers must invest in streamlined logistics and last-mile delivery solutions to meet these expectations and avoid any delivery-related issues that could lead to a lack of sales. 

  1. Emphasizing total value

Beyond discounts, consumers are looking for overall value when making holiday purchases. Retailers offering bundled deals, loyalty rewards, and exceptional customer service will stand out. Building a reputation for delivering total value will be essential for success during the 2024 holiday sales season. 


As we look ahead to the 2024 holiday season, it’s essential to take stock of the evolving retail landscape. The pandemic era savings have left a lasting impact on consumer behavior, profoundly shaping holiday retail sales trends. 

Holiday retail sales trends are expected to be heavily influenced by the continuing rise of e-commerce sales and the release of pent-up demand. As retailers adapt to these shifts in consumer behavior, they can position themselves to thrive in the evolving holiday shopping landscape. 

Frequently asked questions 

How can retailers prepare for the holiday shopping season? 

Retailers can prepare for the holiday shopping season by optimizing their e-commerce platforms, stocking up on popular products, and hiring seasonal staff to meet increased demand. 

Will consumer spending increase during this year’s holiday season? 

It’s expected that consumer spending will increase during this year’s holiday season compared to last year’s period, driven by factors like economic recovery and pent-up demand. 

What are some sustainable practices for the holiday season for retail businesses? 

Sustainable practices for the holiday season for retail businesses include reducing packaging waste, promoting eco-friendly products, and offering recycling options for old items. 

Does holiday spending guarantee income growth for retail companies? 

While holiday spending can boost revenue, it doesn’t guarantee income growth for retail sector companies, as success depends on factors like pricing, competition, and customer loyalty. 

How can retailers leverage social media during the 2024 holiday season? 

Retailers can leverage social media during the 2024 holiday season by running targeted ad campaigns, hosting interactive contests, and showcasing holiday deals to engage and attract customers. 


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