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Customer experience

Hello Future of CX – Next steps for the HappyOrNot Solution

As the growth of customer interactions in the digital space keeps on accelerating, a remarkable omnichannel experience is a critical success factor. A study by McKinsey shows there’s a strong link between opening physical stores and increased traffic to the retailer’s digital sites. Customers are returning to on-site experiences and spending more on goods such as home equipment due to the decrease in travel. 

Consumers also expect more personal shopping and service experiences. The “one size fits all” approach no longer applies, and businesses need to seriously consider how to best serve different types of customers. As eCommerce and big players like Amazon become increasingly popular, smaller traditional stores need to differentiate to survive.  

How to differentiate

Providing an exceptional customer experience is key, and to do so you need to fully understand your products, your store, and your shoppers to truly differentiate.  

Not only is it important to get as much relevant feedback as possible, it’s also important to understand what the data is telling you – which can often be the biggest challengeUncovering details like: When did they leave it? Where did they shop? Why were they happy or not? are just a few. Retailers or service providers also need to be able to connect that feedback with other internal data they might have to gain a 360 view of their operations and customers 

Not only is it important to get as much relevant feedback as possible, it’s also important to understand what the data is telling you – which can often be the biggest challenge. Uncovering details like when, where, and why they were happy or not is critical. Retailers or service providers also need to be able to connect that feedback with other internal data they might have to gain a 360 view of their operations and customers.  

A glimpse of our future roadmap

To prepare for these future challenges, we will be focusing on improving the reach, depth, and use of our Smiley products and analytics, as well as looking to further integrate with other key business systems. For example, retailers are using a wide number of systems to follow transaction data, traffic hours, customer insights, loyalty programs, online shopping information or location-based technology.  

Our objective is to provide richer and deeper insights into the customer experience as well as further improve the capabilities to measure omnichannel customer experience. This way our customers can get an overview and in-depth analysis across all customer touch points, regardless of whether their customers interact with them in their physical or digital marketplaces. 

“We want to offer a wide set of tools with the richest data set in the industry. That means scalable and adaptable easy-to-use endpoints everywhere. It also means an ability to manage that data set to tackle the challenges in our target industries,” tells Manu Karppelin, Head of Product Management at HappyOrNot. “We will keep collecting visitor feedback and start complementing it with sensorial data, as well as further enrich that data flow by integrating 3rd party data.”

More flexibility, more integration and better omnichannel capabilities are therefore going to be the driving forces when building our solution for 2022 and beyond. We encourage you to stay tuned for more details, as we’ll provide in-depth information about the new capabilities and features as we move forward.  

Learn more about HappyOrNot and our Smiley products here.

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