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HappyOrNot put retailers’ perception of CX data to the test at NRF 2019

Over the course of the 3-day NRF Retail’s Big Show, we were privileged to have four of our  Smiley Terminals spread throughout the event to ask attendees the question “How easy, instant, and actionable is your CX data?”

Our aim with this question was to find out people’s perception of retail customer experience data (regardless of whether it was currently in use or had been in past). Did people find their data easy to understand and gain insights from? Was it instant to capture and available for review? Was the analytics delivered in a way that was actionable? This is the result:

Less than half of guests and retailers completely agree

With over 700 responses were recorded during the 3-day event, our data shows that over 50% feel that there is room for improvement (light green “happy” 20.7%, light red “unhappy” 10%, and red “very unhappy” 20.5%).

What this tells is that there is a definite gap in data efficiency for retailers. Here are three key points why the results of this question should not be ignored:

  • What is easy data, and why is it important?

Easy data is data that is both collected and presented in a way that is easy to understand both for retailers and their customers.

If customers don’t understand how to give data (feedback) and retailers can’t understand how to interpret the data, it will be seen as too complicated and quickly dismissed.

  • What makes data instant, and why does it matter?

Instant data is data that can be captured from customers in real-time, at the exact point-of-experience, and be made available to retailers immediately.

To capture data when and where the experience actually happens and have instant access to the results provides the ability to see issues immediately and react fast.

  • What is actionable data, and why is it needed?

Actionable data is data that provides retailers with business insights that supports development, growth, and, ultimately, profit.

If data isn’t easy and isn’t instant, it will be difficult to take action from it. Actionable data uncovers your current performance, shows you exactly where you need to focus, and validates the outcome of those actions.

The biggest value for a company is realized when the data that is made available to them can be put into action, immediately, with the minimum expenditure of resources.  

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