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HappyOrNot Improves Service Performance in the Healthcare Sector

With the fundamental shift from the traditional fee-for-service approach to one based on quality and outcomes, healthcare organizations are actively restructuring the way they operate and are implementing new strategies in both their clinical and practice management systems to better service the public and achieve operational excellence.

Patient surveys (HCAHPS) currently carry a significant influence and healthcare providers must now heavily rely on customer feedback as the federal government considers survey results when setting compensation levels for hospitals, cultivating a real financial incentive to not only improve clinical outcomes, but to also improve the patient’s experience or their perceived quality of care.

How do patients feel about the facility? How competent are the staff/nurses? Do they feel safe and secure?

Healthcare organizations must track their performance

Hospitals, nursing and assisted living facilities, along with other healthcare organizations, must track their performance to see where improvements must be made. The initial step is to engage employees as they can lift up the mood and help create a happy environment.

Ochsner Health System is named one of the top 2% best Hospitals in the U.S. as ranked by Healthgrades 2015 America’s 100 Best Hospitals. Ochsner implemented the HappyOrNot service nearly two years ago in order to improve processes throughout their organization across high touch point patient areas such as surgery, pharmacy, primary care, and many others.

Sharon Clark, Director of Retail Services at Ochsner Health System talks about HappyOrNot in Ochsner in this short video:

HappyOrNot Customer and Employee Satisfaction Improvement Service guarantees results

Compared to traditional surveys, HappyOrNot’s feedback collecting Smiley Terminals can help organizations increase customer participation rates by 20%, and in some cases by as much as 80%. We help our clients to get immediate feedback on service performance at the point of interaction, enabling fast decision making for strategic improvement actions to areas where underperformance is evident, as seen according to our intelligent cloud-based reporting service.

We’ve helped our Healthcare clients achieve upwards of 12% improvement in patient and visitor satisfaction per year!

Get more information on improving patient satisfaction with HappyOrNot for Healthcare here: HappyOrNot for Healthcare

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