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HappyOrNot 2019 Holiday Greetings

Thanks to our customers and to everyone who keeps pressing those Smileys all over the world, HappyOrNot reached a major milestone in 2019 where we hit 1 billion collected feedback responses–an unparalleled achievement in the Experience Management industry!

It’s our business to help companies deliver happier experiences, and we’re proud to say it shows: The most pressed Smiley worldwide is the dark green ‘Very Happy’ at nearly 70% of all presses! (to discover more interesting stats, check the original press release here).

We’ve worked hard to deliver new innovations to help our customers become more successful. Here’s our top five list for 2019:

1. Improved Quick View with automatic updates

This year we took Quick View to the next level. We’ve received great feedback from our customers about this change, where we brought together all key metrics to one place. Since the data is automatically updated in real-time, the latest performance information is always available in a heartbeat, and ready for you to take action.

2. Smiley product family improvements

We’ve updated both the Smiley Terminal and Smiley Touch. Here’s just a few highlights:

Smiley Terminal: now over 4x longer battery life for real-time data collection

It might not sound like a big deal–but it really is. By implementing narrowband connectivity, you’re now able to collect data for a longer period of time without draining the battery – in most cases, at least four times longer! 

Smiley Touch: we’ve made quite a few, so here’s the top ones
  • Animated Smileys: they now move, enhancing the user experience and grabbing more attention for even higher engagement. Plus, they can also be put to sleep after hours.
  • Customized transitions: You can decide how quickly the UI switches from one screen to the next, helping to optimize the behaviour of the Smiley Touch and better tailor the survey to your audience.
  • Own choice follow ups: You can now freely change the “What was good/bad” options to whatever you want to ask, enabling more specifically targeted experience measurement.

3. Sharing the love with customers and employees

Did you know that the experience performance results can be seen in real-time on the Smiley Touch? Not only that, but the results can also be shared and viewed on info screens, websites, and even in social media. It’s a great way to engage with people in a very simple way, and show that the feedback matters. Being transparent really helps to improve customer loyalty and drive employee engagement!

4. (Even) deeper actionable insights

We’ve continued to invest heavily in providing the most useful (and actionable!) Experience Management solution. 

Because the feedback data is gathered consistently and is always up to date, our reporting analytics helps you find out what’s hot and what’s not–without delay. Patterns, trending, comparisons, and benchmarking of locations, days and times helps identify problems that keep on occurring, analyze how performance is developing based on improvement actions, and learn best practices that can be deployed throughout the organization. 

5. Empowering, and engaging with, frontline staff in new and better ways

The HappyOrNot solution is great for continuously measuring people’s experiences and to take the pulse in the heat of the moment. This year, we’ve delivered new innovations that trigger a new dimension in cross-team and company-wide collaboration. 

If something unusual happens, real-time notifications are pushed to the HappyOrNot mobile app where all users will get pinged (these notifications are also sent via email). Where it gets really interesting is what happens next: users can acknowledge and comment in the app. Frontline staff and managers can collaborate with ease to fix problems fast, and celebrate successes together!

Thanks for a great 2019, and here’s to the next decade

In many ways the theme of 2019, and a common denominator, is real-time. With HappyOrNot, your experience management can evolve to become highly proactive. 

We’re just at the dawn of a very exciting future where new innovations will drive unforeseen performance improvements not only over time, but also on the spot. To all our customers, and to everyone who keeps pressing the Smileys–thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

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