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Customer experience

Forbes: If The Customer Is Always Right, Make Sure You’re Using The Right Tools To Truly Understand Them

By Heikki Väänänen, CEO & Founder | HappyOrNot

For my most recent Forbes article I explored the evolving world of customer experience (CX), a topic that is, unsurprisingly, close to my heart.

Customer experience has always been key, but its importance is actually increasing. According to a 2018 Gartner Research survey, 55% of companies reported their digital ambition is to create a better customer experience, while 81% said that in two years’ time they expect to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX.

I put this down to consumers being more demanding than ever before; they expect brands to treat them like they are the most important person in the world, and to be offered experiences that are carefully tailored and crafted based on their preferences and habits.

Despite its importance, there are too many companies guilty of offering poor customer experience, while others fail by analyzing its performance incorrectly.

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