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First Financial Federal Credit Union Chasing 100% Satisfaction

First Financial Federal Credit Union issued a press release just this week covering their use of the HappyOrNot customer satisfaction improvement service and their goal to reach 100% member satisfaction.

In just two months after deploying the Smiley Terminals, the FCU’s 4 branch locations have been able to colletively increase satisfaction by 3%. And they’re going public with the results by publishing monthly summaries both online and in location.

“Optimizing our employee performance and member satisfaction are key goals of ours,” says Issa Stephan, CCUE, president/CEO of First Financial FCU.

To Read the full article and see how First Financial FCU is using HappyOrNot to strive for 100% satisfaction, visit

The HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals enable credit unions to obtain immediate member feedback at the point of experience and monitor daily branch performance. The kiosks are used by credit unions and credit union associations across North America, including Northeast CU, Langley FCU, Park View FCU, USAlliance FCU, and Duke University FCU. HappyOrNot is used by worldwide, by over 2,000 retail and service chain organizations across 70 countries.

The HappyOrNot kiosks for credit unions and banks throughout North America are provided and managed by DoublePort LLC, an Official HappyOrNot Partner specializing in the sales and deployment of the kiosks to this industry.