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CX Day will come and go, but keeping your customers happy year round is the pillar of CX success

By Sofia Sapojnikova | HappyOrNot

What day is today? CX day! Every year brands and businesses around the world celebrate Customer Experience (CX) day. Today, activities like company celebrations, online webinars, and local networking events are taking place to give this day a special a meaning and celebrate customers.

Companies proclaim their love with “I ♡ Customers” stickers and logos. We think this love should be proclaimed every day, not once a year. Why? The livelihood of every business, without exception, depends on having customers, as without them there will be no business. So, how do you keep the customers you already have and acquire new ones? You need to make sure they are happy!

Here is what your organization can do to keep your customers, gain new ones, and show them some love:

1. Offer a solution that addresses most of their problems

How does your product or service stand out? Remember, competitors can mimic your price, availability, and distribution channel but they cannot mimic the experience and/or the feeling your customers have when interacting with your brand.

2. Engage your employees, and appreciate them the same way you do your customers

There is plenty of research suggesting that happy and engaged employees are more productive employees and can make your customers happy too, such as the one by Dale Carnegie Training which states “Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%.”

3. Simplify the customer’s effort and amplify their experience

We live in the age of consumer, and so we must fiercely compete for their attention. Consumers carefully review information online and from their peers before they make their purchase decision, so brands that are able to make the entire purchasing experience effortless and memorable will succeed in winning the hearts of customers.

4. Act on customer feedback

Finding out if your customers are happy or not is essential to knowing what your business can do better for them. Collecting their feedback can provide answers to questions like those posed by Micah Solomon, CX Expert:

a) What we are doing right that truly matters to our customers and to prospective customers?

b) What are we doing wrong that truly matters to our customers and to prospective customers?

Regardless of how you collect feedback, whether through Social Media, CRM notes, call centers, in-store or online surveys, what is important is how you act on it. Customers gave you their opinions, and it is up to your company to make improvements that addresses any dissatisfaction, or risk losing customers (and revenue). Remember: Customers read the lack of action as lack of caring and, certainly, lack of respect.

5. Say Thank You

The relationship with your customers should be long term, and your effort should not end after the purchase is made and the invoice is sent. Don’t lose sight of your customers needs and expectations. Reach out to offer suggestions on the best use of your product or service, or give incentives on why they should come back for a second purchase. Thank them regularly for being your customers – such gestures, tho seemingly small, can go a long way!


We hope you found these tips valuable and useful. Enjoy your CX day, and remember to check in on your customers today and every day!

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