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Customer Satisfaction Focus with Four Smileys and 35 Million Feedbacks In Great British Retailer

Tampere, 2016: Customer satisfaction has always been a strong focus for Dixons Carphone, as demonstrated by its deployment of the HappyOrNot customer and employee satisfaction improvement service in 2012.

Even during the extremely busy Black Friday and Christmas shopping period, Dixons Carphone held strong both in customer satisfaction and sales, reporting group like-for-like revenues up 5% in all markets in its Christmas 2015/16 Trading Statement, and maintaining its Customer Satisfaction index, as voiced by the over 2 million customers who provided their feedback via the HappyOrNot Smileys.

HappyOrNot first connected with Dixons Carphone through its subsidiary store Gigantti in Finland in 2012. Following a successful trial within Gigantti, in 2013, several other European territories of Dixons Carphone signed up to roll out the HappyOrNot service in their stores – Elkjop and Lefdal in Norway, Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark, and Dixons Travel, Currys PCworld in UK.

Most recently, and notably the largest roll out, was in Q4 2014 where just under 500 HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals were deployed across most of the Dixons Carphone locations in the UK.

HappyOrNot Customer and Employee satisfaction measurement terminal
Image: © HappyOrNot Ltd.

Capturing the satisfaction of 35,000,000 customer experiences  

“The power of the Smileys in collecting customer feedback is unbeatable,” tells Paul Justice, Central Operations Director, “We collect almost 1.5 million customer feedbacks every month, and are able to quickly turn this data into actions that enhance our service performance. It’s very rewarding to look into our results following improvement initiatives and see that we’ve been able to make our customers happier. ”

The HappyOrNot service is an innovative solution that captures the customer’s voice instantly, anonymously, and reliably. Customers rate their service experience at the point-of-experience by pressing one of four smileys (ranging from a very satisfied green to a very unsatisfied red) and the feedback data is automatically uploaded to the web-based reporting service where it is analysed and presented in several KPI measurement formats, including to-the-hour, trending, historical, and comparison.

Putting Smileys to Work for Employees, too

In addition to customer satisfaction improvement, Dixons Carphone Retail Support Centre in Acton has also put the 4 Smileys to use in Human Resources to measure employee satisfaction in the workplace.

“To make sure we offer our customers the best service experience, we must listen to the feedback they give us and take action when we see that improvements are needed. This not only applies to our customers, but our employees as well. It’s our employees that interact with our customers on a daily basis, and so when they are happy, it extends to our customers having a positive experience.”

Dixons Carphone PR img 1
Image: © HappyOrNot Ltd.

Translating Customer Satisfaction into operational success

When analyzing the feedback results with other key performance indicators, the Smileys provide significant insights into easily targeted achievements that can be implemented immediately. Justice identifies some of the ways in which Dixons Carphone has put the Smileys to work:

“Having visibility of how our customers feel about shopping in our stores on an hourly basis allows us to optimise our colleague deployment, particularly around the planning of break times and working patterns.

Additionally, Dixons Carphone has been using HappyOrNot as a key tool in understanding how the customer experience can change on key trading days, such as Black Friday and Boxing day where they see the largest volume of footfall. “This enhances our ability to identify where we have further opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and business performance,” tells Justice, “and enables rapid evaluation of actions taken, giving the store teams confidence that they have taken the right actions, or enabling further follow up and decision making.”

Happy Customers are a Win-Win

So has placing a strong focus on customer satisfaction been paying off for the retail giant? Justice closes with this statement:

“Using HappyOrNot has helped us to measure and monitor our performance in such an easy way, we’ve been able to improve our customer satisfaction level every year. Our customers see that we are listening, and reciprocate by continuing to give us feedback on how we’re doing so that we can continue to be even better – it’s a win-win cycle that contributes to the overall success of Dixons Carphone.”

About Dixons Carphone

Dixons Carphone plc is Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company, employing over 40,000 people in 9 countries.
Focused on helping customers navigate the connected world, Dixons Carphone offers a comprehensive range of electrical and mobile products, connectivity and expert after-sales services from the Geek Squad and KNOWHOW.

Dixons Carphone’s primary brands include Carphone Warehouse, Currys and PCWorld in the UK & Ireland, Elkjøp, Elgiganten, Gigantti and Lefdal in the Nordic countries, Kotsovolos in Greece, Dixons Travel in a number of UK & Ireland airports and Phone House in Spain, Sweden and Norway. Our key service brands include KNOWHOW in the UK, Ireland and the Nordics, and Geek Squad in the UK, Ireland and Spain.

Business-to-business (B2B) services are provided through Connected World Services, PC World Business and Carphone Warehouse Business. Connected World Services aims to leverage the Group’s existing expertise, operating processes and technology to provide a range of services to businesses.

About HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot® helps its clients to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer satisfaction levels. We serve clients in the Retail, Healthcare, Transportation, Services, and Human Resources industries. The service has received several awards and recognition by major medias such as Daily Finance and USA Today, and featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg International and U.S., and CNBC.  HappyOrNot is currently being used by over 2000 organizations across 70 countries, and to date has collected over a quarter billion feedbacks. Clients include: Office Depot, Citgo, Heathrow BAA, Domino´s Pizza, NHS, SNCF, and Oracle.

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