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Customer Experience Management Telecoms Global Summit UK | January 27-29

We are excited to be a featured exhibitor to the 15th annual Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit on the 27th-29th of January in London.

A promising event focused on bringing together professionals from leading companies and aiming to equip them with actionable insights on how to prepare and shine in the rise for the fourth industrial revolution. 

Ready to redefine the relationship between telecom companies and their customers?
Then do not miss out on sharing and discussing best practices in solving the industry’s greatest challenges.

Come and find us in the networking area at the Morangis Meeting Room. We will be demonstrating our real-time experience management system—the comprehensive reporting and collaboration platform plus the physical feedback collecting Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminals, that have already enabled thousands of global brands to lead and succeed through CX data insights.

Come and talk to us to discover how you can leverage real-time customer feedback insights and take your CX strategy to the next level!

To register as an attendee, click here.


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