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Customer experience

Business transformation starts with customer feedback

Fact: happy customers buy more and stay more loyal. What’s more, decades of studies show that customer satisfaction and financial performance go hand-in-hand.  

But how is customer feedback converted into increased customer satisfaction scores and how does it impact financial performance? 

For now, let’s focus on the first step where it all starts: the collection of customer feedback data. 

To have high quality, reliable feedback that can be used to make informed decisions, two criteria need to be met: volume and credibility.  

How do you get high-volume, honest feedback? And not only from buying customers, but non-buyers too? You must ask them at the time and place the experience happens – not days or weeks after the event. This eliminates the uncertainty that comes with sparse or random feedback only from people who angry, or happy enough to take the effort and get back to the experience to share. Needless to say, the feedback should cover all times and places of contact you have with your customer base. 

HappyOrNot’s Smileys cater to the need of collecting maximum amounts of immediate feedback when and where your customers are. It’s a simple 2-step process:  

  1. Push one of the 4 Smiley-faced buttons (from a dark green very happy, to dark red very unhappy) to indicate satisfaction level; and Customer feedback using Smiley Touch terminal
  2. Select the reason for the chosen Smiley in an easy single-choice follow-up option (such as staff friendliness or product selection).  Follow-up option of customer feedback using Smiley Touch terminal

Additionally, if the customer wants to leave written feedback, that is possible with open comments. 

For the visitor or customer- that’s it. No hassle, no getting back to the experience after hours, days or weeks have passed. Of course, this is not the end of the story. Those simple button presses provide a lot of valuable (and actionable!) insight. We’ll focus on that in the next chapter Understand your Customer Experience feedback. 

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