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Be Big, Customer Focus Big

By Sofia Sapojnikova | HappyOrNot

The reason companies exist and stay operational can be accredited to the successful maintenance of customer relationships. How big is your customer base? Is actually a rhetorical question. Regardless of how many customers a company acquires during its existence, the important thing is to treat each one as your number one customer.

Being that happy customers and excellent customer relations are certainly a key factor of a profitable business, it would make the most sense to invest in customers. So what does it mean to invest in customers?

I would like to illustrate this point by using a quote from Steve Jobs:

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology-not the other way around

You start with the customer in mind and continue the journey by being so close to your customer, that you, as a brand, can anticipate their next move.

He continues with:

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

To earn your customer’s love and loyalty requires a deep understanding and full knowledge of how they perceive your product or service. To succeed with customers, brands need to be able to relate to them.

We all experience the role of a customer in our daily lives, and, as people, relate differently to situations or the way in which we perceive them. Accordingly, it should  be each company’s goal to know its entire customer base and know what has turned them from visitor to loyal customer.

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The emerging key deciding factor of whether a visitor will become a loyal customer is the overall experience they had with your product or service and you as a brand.

It pays to ask your customers questions and get their feedback. Their answers will provide you insight into where you stand with them and how they perceive your service performance. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, both sides of the scale help you to identify your brand’s strongest attributes (advantage points that set you apart from competitors) and weakest attributes (helping to remedy issues, close the gap to re-connect, and relate on a new level).

To keep a strong customer focus, you need to be able to walk in their shoes, experience their pain, and address their issues effectively. Here’s some tips on questions that brands should look to know:

  • Did your product/service make their lives easier?
  • Did it fulfill their needs?
  • Did it solve their problems?
  • Was it easy to find?
  • Was the information readily available?
  • Was the wait time worth it?
  • Was the staff competent?

Bother to know your customers. Make them Big in your vision to success. They in turn, can make you {Brand} Big!