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Authority Magazine: Get to know our CEO

As a company, the goal is to create a culture where everyone in the workforce is tight knit and cares for one another. But how do you get to know your colleagues when you’re working remotely? This has been the big question over the last two years.

In December 2020, we welcomed our CEO Miika Mäkitalo into the HappyOrNot family. A year on, Miika sat down with Authority Magazine, to share a bit about himself. In the interview, Miika reveals his journey to becoming a CEO and the lesson he has learned along the way. Miika dispels the myths associated with being a leader in the modern day, the importance of diversity in the workplace, and life lesson quotes, such as when asked about specific traits that make for a successful executive:

“When it comes to traits, few successful executives get to where they are without being committed to their employees. It comes down to trust and respect, and most CEO’s will tell you that nothing can mimic the genuine support and confidence of a workforce.”

Read the interview here, and find out what it takes to turn a company!