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Happy or not? ​It’s good to know

Are your customers happy or not? Do you know? Customer satisfaction is shown through little signals. Stop guessing how your service affects your sales. Understand the little signals – and reap the big benefits.

How to know?

The little things pile up and affect whether your customers want to return, recommend your service to others, and start building loyalty towards your brand. That’s what HappyOrNot is here for.


Gather little signals

Capture business critical little signals where and when they happen. Let our Smileys tell you where you stand.


See the big picture

Stay up-to-date on what the signals are telling you. See what’s working and what’s not together with your team.


Do something about it

Each and every employee can easily see how you are performing and improve immediately and over time.

Success is in the details

Did you know that 50% of your customers will switch to a competitor after just one bad experience? Our retail clients have been able to reduce unhappy customers by 30% in their first year by identifying and improving pain points such as waiting times, product availability and customer service.

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Stop guessing​


Find out are your customers happy or not. ​And do something about it.