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On-Demand Webinar

How to gain control over your customer experience

“If we treat our customers badly, we’d be empowering our competition.”
– Store Manager at Elkjøp (Dixon’s Carphone)

In this session, we dive into the mechanics of how brands across the globe improve their bottom line, differentiate from competition, and increase customer retention,  by focusing on customer experience.

Our panelists cover:

  • Locus of control
    the customer’s perception is based on what you do instead of what others do
  • Listen, Learn, Act
    how four Smileys empower brands to connect and improve every point of their customer experience
  • Bonus: Elkjøp (Dixon’s Carphone)
    The retail giant shares how they achieved a 52% positive customer feedback increase by shifting from a sales-oriented strategy to a customer experience one.

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