HappyOrNot CX360 Leader Insights: Part 1

Are Your Customers Delighted? Would They Give You a Second Chance? The following is based on a May 2019 interview with Kirsti Laasio, Chief Customer Experience Officer at HappyOrNot’s […]

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HappyOrNot Launched New Live Sharing Feature

HappyOrNot Announces New Live Sharing Feature

Adding to its continuous product and service feature developments, HappyOrNot releases its new Live Sharing feature, which enables businesses to easily showcase their customer experience program and performance […]

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Travelers have many moods. We are excited about our vacations. We are stressed about our business meeting. We might be happy to see family or dread the thought of waking up to them every day for an entire week. We are traveling for reasons that align with the full spectrum of emotion, from horribly sad to wildly celebratory. In other words, not all of our baggage looks alike, nor can it be seen with the naked eye.

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