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We are taking over the whole wide world - one Smiley at a time

And we want to do it wisely – by bringing in the best talents there are.

We have the whole service life cycle in-house. Our teams from R&D to Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support, Business Services, and People Team all work side by side towards the shared goal of happy customers. And we are looking for more talents to join our global team!

Check our open positions and let the journey begin. Tell us who you are in addition to your professional skills. What added value would you bring to our team? We want to know the best of you!

Haven't we been wise enough to ask for your talent?

If there isn’t suitable role for you to apply in the open positions, you can always send us a targeted open application. Sell your experience and skills to what you see that are our needs, and we will contact you when we have the matching role to offer for you.

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