Come and create happiness with us!

Come and create happiness with us!

HappyOrNot is a workplace where Every Smiley Counts

We are a fast scaling international SaaS company conquering the world – one Smiley at a time. Our mission is to continuously and consistently work towards happier customers and employees today and tomorrow.

By using our own Happy Index to measure our internal employee happiness, we get the data-insight into how we are succeeding. We respect each other, we hear each other out and we act, lead and collaborate with others in a manner that produces smiley faces. We drive performance and profitability through our customers’ increased Happiness.

Through our data, we get to see how our service increases people’s happiness all over the world. The fact that we make people happier is data-proven. It’s simply amazing.

Heikki Väänänen, CEO

Our Values

What we have to offer you

Continuous Personal Development

Our focus is on innovation, development, and quality. We all get to learn from the experts around us in our talented teams.

Come as You Are Mentality

We enjoy a warm atmosphere in all of our company levels and have approachable management and colleagues.

Culture of Trust

We believe in freedom and responsibility. In practice, that means flexible hours, remote work and life-work balance while getting the work done.

Shared Proudness of Our Workplace

We celebrate our success together and feel proud of working towards our shared goals. It’s all about believing in what we do and how we do it.

Do you relate to our way of achieving success?

You’ll thrive with us if you love change and working in a fast-paced working environment, enjoy focusing on work instead of office hierarchy, get motivated by reaching goals and like to take ownership of your expertise.

Sounds tempting? Join the #lifeathappyornot!