Improve CX with Real-time Actionable Insights

Transform your business and CX with the world's leading feedback solution

Turn customer feedback into a measurable KPI

HappyOrNot helps businesses improve customer experience through the globally recognized Smiley™ feedback management system reporting via feedback collecting Smileys. 

Capture customer sentiment in real-time

Provide your customers an effortless and engaging way to share feedback at every touchpoint giving you high-volume, instant feedback only attainable with the HappyOrNot Smiley Feedback Management System. 

Gain in depth, yet easy-to-understand CX insights at your fingertips, 24/7. See your performance data in real-time, pinpoint issues, and make immediate improvements. 

Get instant insights & take action

Drive accountability for CX across your entire team

Empower staff, supervisors, managers and leaders with a powerful system to track and manage customer satisfaction and immediately pin point weaknesses

Retail clients using HappyOrNot decrease customer dissatisfaction by 19% in just 12 months! 

“We can see that there is a close correlation between increased customer satisfaction and increased conversion rate. This proves that working with customer centrism is a major factor in increasing bottom line results.” 

Head of People Management for a multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer

Empower CX leadership

From C-suite to your frontline staff, all roles within your retail business benefit from a real-time CX solution. CX insights help you to create actionable change, achieve your business goals, and improve your bottom line!

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Capture maximum feedback 

Feedback collecting Smiley Touch™ and Smiley Terminal™ capture CX with ease. Delivered to your stores and ready in minutes.

Instant CX insights and results

Real-time performance data at your fingertips via the online dashboard, mobile app, and automated email reports. 

24/7 support 
and care

Dedicated Customer Success and Customer Care teams will support you to get the most out of the CX insights and lead you to success.

Drive customer loyalty

Share results with your customers to strengthen your brand, grow your business, and get recognized for delivering great CX. 

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  • High-level overview of CX across entire retail business 
  • Identify development areas and formulate decisions based on factual data 
  • Performance data to improve all retail KPIs and secure future growth 
  • Report to board members and stakeholders the impact of improved CX on key metrics

HappyOrNot is the world's leading real-time customer feedback solution. Trusted by nearly 1,000 retail industry leaders worldwide, we collect and report over 500,000 customer feedback every day for our retail clients.

Heads of Retail and CX

  • Real-time CX visibility of all responsible stores in your area 
  • Data-driven decisions to ensure each store operates at peak performance 
  • Powerful tool for your store managers to track and manage CX 
  • Report to superiors validated customer pain points and impact of improvement strategies

Store Managers

  • Track and report real-time CX across all touchpoints in your store 
  • Identify pain points and make corrective actions (scheduling, staffing, etc.) 
  • Share results with staff to motivate and reward for better service 
  • Increase employee engagement, customer loyalty, and sales

Frontline staff

  • Understand your crucial service role and your influence on CX 
  • Gain motivation and pride in providing great service 
  • Act quickly on customer feedback and see the impact of your actions 
  • Keep customers happy and coming back to your store

Trusted by retail CX leaders worldwide

"Customer satisfaction is our most important guideline together with the sales figures. Sales figures tell us about the past, but with the help of the Smileys we are able to see the future as well. A satisfied customer will return to our store, and also tell about us to his or her friends and family." 

Chain Operating Manager for a multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer

HappyOrNot is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. HappyOrNot helps large retailers improve their customer experience through the award-winning solution for collecting instant feedback and supporting continuous improvement.

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