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The Arctic Circle of Trust – what Nordic culture teaches the travel industry 


In the newly released guest article for leading travel industry outlet, Travolution, our CEO and Founder Heikki Väänänen looks at prevalent aspects of Nordic culture which have shaped attitudes to transportation and customer service. Recognizing each Nordic country’s unique character, it covers themes that tie into the Nordic personality, and the pan-Nordic qualities of openness, trust, equality, pragmatism, and happiness.

In March 2020, The World Happiness Report named Finland as the happiest country in the world for the third consecutive year, prompting this exploration of the Nordic culture’s past and present. Looking back to ancient Nordic pioneers of travel, and towards the future of travel, as the industry evolves, and the expectations of the consumer grow. 

The travel industry has experienced a boom in growth since the rise of commercial flights. With this growth, comes increased competition, and the subsequent importance of prioritizing the customer experience. 

From day one, HappyOrNot’s goal was to give a voice to customers, helping businesses simply and easily tune into these opinions to learn and improve. Nordic values of equality and listening to the little guy can help pave the way for organizations, shaping them around the customer. And while it is easy for larger companies to take the consumer for granted, the travel industry is changing so rapidly that those which prioritize the customer are more likely to adapt and prosper.  

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