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Ways to Use Data Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience | Tech Coruzant

Companies can collect feedback through various channels, analyze the data, and identify common themes in customer complaints to improve their customer experience. Predictive analytics and A/B testing are other powerful tools companies can use to intervene before customers become dissatisfied and identify what resonates with customers.  

Poor customer experience can lead to lost revenue, damage to reputation, and customer churn. On the other hand, positive customer experiences can increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and revenue.

In addition to the article “Ways to Use Data Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience” where CEO Miika Mäkitalo shares how businesses can leverage data analytics to improve customer experience and drive revenue growth, Miika also had the pleasure of joining the Tech Coruzant podcast to share his expert insights on: 

  • Why data analytics is so critical to the customer service experience,
  • What kind of insights a business can gain from HappyOrNot,
  • Why data analytics is critical in a tight economy where businesses are looking to drive more sales and keep customers on the books; and more.

Listen to the podcast by clicking below!

Podcast with Miika Mäkitalo on Tech Courzant