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Startup Universal: Finland’s “Guest Editor”, Heikki Väänänen

Heikki Väänänen, our CEO and founder, features as Startup Universal’s latest guest editor. Exploring the strong startup culture in Finland, Heikki draws on his own experiences of building up a business within his Nordic homeland to identify what is special about this forward-thinking country, and what about Finland has led it to become a small, but mighty, hub of technology and innovation.

Each new idea that sparks a startup is born out of identifying a space where there is room for growth, and reacting to the recognition that there is a need yet to be fulfilled. But the process of turning these ideas into successful businesses is no mean feat. Innovation frames progress, and Heikki discusses how the growing quality of startups enhances this progress. Focusing on Finland, this piece looks at how the country has evolved to nurture these ideas, and how the industry is supported by structures in Finland to accommodate the growth of these new ideas into creative businesses.

Identifying the benefits, and the wealth of support, that Finland has to offer these growing startups, Heikki also looks at the challenges that each startup can encounter, and what each will have to overcome to enter, and build a presence in such a competitive market. Looking at how Finland is well prepared to support these businesses, Heikki celebrates the established successes of the Finnish ecosystem, and their impressive pool of talent.

The Finnish people possess many qualities that can prepare them for these challenges. Heikki highlights the deep-rooted determination and diligence of his fellow Finns, and how this spirit is one of many contributing factors in the entrepreneurial triumph of startups in the close-knit community of Finland.

Looking to the future of the startup industry in Finland, Heikki includes some of the most exciting  up-and-coming businesses that he expects to see take off in the coming years. With the wealth of knowledge that Finland has acquired by nurturing startups over the years, the existing support structures are well equipped to deal with incoming innovations, and facilitate opportunities for these businesses to flourish. 

To read the full details of the country guide for Finland, visit Startup Universal / Finland

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