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Rocket® Stores Fuel Customer Satisfaction to New Heights with HappyOrNot Partnership 

Rocket®, the largest privately held gas station and convenience store chain on the West Coast, proudly announces its company-wide rollout of HappyOrNot, a globally recognized feedback management solution, in all their 462 locations spread across California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Rocket®‘s commitment to elevating customer service and loyalty across its expanding fleet. 

 Established with a focus on service and loyalty, Rocket® embarked on its journey with HappyOrNot in April 2021, starting with a pilot program in 10 sites. The real-time actionable feedback, collected from the Smiley Touch and Smiley Terminal kiosks, led to an expanded rollout to 40 locations in April 2022.  

“We recognize HappyOrNot as a brand differentiator and understand that this is a part of our natural progression as we continue to focus on understanding factors that impact loyalty and customer satisfaction at our stores. We are really excited about our partnership with HappyOrNot and our company-wide roll out because it keeps our goal of delivering efficient and superior customer experiences in sharp focus. We are confident that this venture will pay off in many ways for our brand,” shares Bill Mullen, President of Retail, Rocket® . 

Rollout of the program includes a HappyOrNot Smiley Touch at each store exit and Smiley Wall in every restroom. The comprehensive coverage and real-time feedback data will help Rocket® track and measure key service and loyalty metrics: Customer Service, Speed of Service, Cleanliness, Pricing, Restrooms, and Product Selection.  

This data-driven approach empowers Rocket® to take quick action in areas that need improvement. Also, they can validate the results as seen through higher customer satisfaction scores and sales uplift, reinforcing their position as a leader in the convenience store sector. 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership expansion with Rocket®, marking a significant milestone in our journey together. Over the past three years, HappyOrNot and Rocket have forged a strong professional relationship built on trust, innovation, and mutual respect. This expansion speaks volumes about our shared commitment to enhancing customer experiences and driving operational excellence across Rocket®‘s entire fleet of stores. Together, we look forward to continuing to deliver unparalleled insights and solutions that empower Rocket® to better understand and serve their customers while maximizing efficiency and satisfaction,” says Michael Bradford, Head of Operations, Americas, HappyOrNot 

 About Rocket® 

Rocket® is the West Coast’s leading gas station and convenience store chain, with over 460 locations across California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. Following a significant rebranding in 2022 and introducing an innovative Rocket® Stores app and Rocket CREW® loyalty program in 2023, Rocket® has continued to elevate the customer experience, supported by its recent expansion and the strategic use of customer feedback systems like HappyOrNot. Learn more at