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Rio 2016: The good feeling of the Finnish Olympic Team is measured with HappyOrNot®

The feelings of Finnish Olympic team are monitored with HappyOrNot terminal which is located in the living room of the team´s accommodation in Rio.

“When in competitive sports, and teams have long travel and spend a lot of time together in the same facilities, you need to put effort towards having a good atmosphere. The reason why we wanted to have HappyOrNot with us is that we wanted to support a good atmosphere in multiple ways. The HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal is located in the team´s living room, the most visible and accessible place, so that the team members can easily release and report their good or bad feelings by pressing a button. We encourage the athletes to give feedback,” tells Hannaleena Ronkainen, Sports Psychologist of Finnish Olympic Team.

During August 10th, the athletes were feeling very good and the happiness score was over 90% positive.

“If the score changes, we can react quickly. We can see the changes and discuss with the team during our daily meetings, and also on a personal level.”

According to Ronkainen, the team spirit in Rio is a result of each athlete and their mutual encounters.

“Building the team spirit is a responsibility that belongs to everyone. Every member of the team can think about what kind of energy they create when entering the room. How they greet each other, and what kind of impressions and attitudes they reflect. It’s the little things that count.”

The management team also arranges team activities to maintain and increase the team spirit.

“We collect the team together and do nice things to increase the team spirit. A few examples have been the coaches getting together to play soccer and a birthday party thrown for one team member that recently celebrated their birthday.”

Good and encouraging team spirit also helps the athletes in preparing for their own performance. Each athlete has their own routine and state of mind that supports their performance.

“The state of mind that is needed to the extreme performance is very personal thing. For some, it is calm and relaxed, whereas for others, aggression is needed.”

HappyOrNot is used to monitor the atmosphere in workplaces around the world. It´s been shown that a good work atmosphere correlates with high customer satisfaction – and happy employees provide better service to the customers.

Translated by HappyOrNot from “Rio 2016: Olympiajoukkueella on mitatusti hyvä fiilis” original Finnish press release.


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Hannaleena Ronkainen, Sports Psychologist, Finnish Olympic Committee

Stephanie Levy, Marketing Comm. & PR Manager, HappyOrNot,


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