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Record profits with over one million smileys – Gigantti, Finland

Leading Finnish home electronics retailer Gigantti, a subsidiary of UK retail giant DSG International PLC, has been using an easy-to-use Finnish innovation to measure customer satisfaction. HappyOrNot is being used in 21 Gigantti stores – most of them since Spring 2013. Customers of Gigantti have already given over one million feedbacks.

With the help of the smiley kiosks, Gigantti management is aiming for an even better customer experience. The electronics giant made record profits in the accounting period that ended in April.

”Customer satisfaction is our most important guideline together with the sales figures. Sales figures tell us about the past, but with the help of the smileys we are able to see the future as well. A satisfied customer will return to our store, and also tell about us to his or her friends and family. We want to measure the customer satisfaction in a way that is as easy and attractive as possible.”
says Janne Henriksson, Chain Operating Manager of Gigantti.

Smileys paving the way to development – for the benefit of the customers

Gigantti wanted to find out why there are differences between the various locations and at particular times, and the HappyOrNot service makes it possible to compare results even on an hourly basis. Every day accounting for thousands of customers pressing the smiley buttons in the stores.

”At Gigantti, they study the results in a very systematic manner. Gigantti utilizes the information to improve its practices which benefits their customers. A knowledge transforms into something valuable when one knows how to use the information in an appropiate way.”
praises Arvi Väänänen, Regional Sales Director at HappyOrNot.

Gigantti is ready to change its ways to work when it comes to work-shift planning, for example. The supervisors find it easy to detect the times that the customers potentially have been unsatisfied. Then they can allocate the shifts to the times when needed.

”Mostly, the reasons to push the red smiley are obvious; The waiting time may have been too long or the customer hasn’t found the desired product. To complement information about why the customers have been unsatisfied, we also have exit shopping groups. The smiley feedbacks tell us very clearly when and where an intervention of our exit shopping group is needed.”
Henriksson states.

From vision to actions

”In the future, we want to be the world’s leading chain when it comes to customer service. To get to that point, we sincerely have to listen to our customers and take the necessary actions.”
says Henriksson from Gigantti.

At Gigantti, the one million feedbacks will not fall on deaf ears.

”Gigantti hails its customers for the given feedback by re-scheduling some work shifts, for example. In that way, no matter what the place or time, the customer gets the best possible service.”
says Väänänen from HappyOrNot.



About Gigantti Oy

Gigantti Oy is a home electronics retailer based in Finland with 41 stores and around 1000 employees. Its revenue was over 441 million euros during the last accounting period. In addition to the stores, Gigantti also sells its products via its web store and by phone. Gigantti is a part of a Norwegian Elkjøp group which is owned by the English DSG international plc. More information at

About HappyOrNot®

HappyOrNot® helps its clients in such sectors as retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, HoReCa, financial services, automotive, and public and governmental services to develop their service experience and sales through continuous monitoring and reporting on customer satisfaction levels. With offices in Tampere, Finland (HQ) and West Palm Bech, Florida, USA, its service has received several awards and recognition by major medias such as Daily Finance and USA Today, and featured on Fox Business, Bloomberg International and U.S., and CNBC.

HappyOrNot is currently being used by nearly 1,000 retail and service chain organizations across 40 countries. Clients include: Dixons Retail, Citgo, HEB, Country Fair, Office Depot, Heathrow BAA, Domino´s Pizza, GE Healthcare, SNCF (French railways), Oracle. More information online:

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