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Real Business: This ex-gamer helps businesses grow in over 120 countries: Could yours be next?

Real Business reporter Annie May Noonan sat down with our CEO and founder Heikki Väänänen for an in-depth interview to discuss his entrepreneurial journey to the globally recognized Smiley feedback system HappyOrNot.

From the beginnings of literally having €20,000 euros worth of personal money in his bank account when HappyOrNot was started in 2009, to continuous year-over-year growth and a current team of over 200 employees in 2019, Väänanen shares insights about the transition from a startup to a global success company:

“Essentially, for the first two to three years, you’re just trying to avoid bankruptcy and everyone has to muck in. In our first year we had a revenue of €5,000 euros, this grew to €50,000 in 2010 and to €250,000 a year later.

“Everything below 1 million in revenue can be uncertain and tricky ground for tech companies. Going above 1-5 million allows you to hire staff that perform specialised roles in a company such as focusing on marketing and sales.”

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