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New Zealand Aviation Security Service uses Smileys to provide world class passenger experience

New Zealand Aviation Security Service (AVSEC), the official provider of aviation security services in New Zealand, operating at all of the major airports, implemented the HappyOrNot service at all five locations they serve nationally across both domestic and international terminals.

The launch of the globally-recognized Smiley Terminals comes as part of their continuous improvement initiative. AVSEC’s quality management policies and procedures are under constant review and tested on a continuous basis against well-defined and measurable performance measures – one of which being passenger satisfaction.

To meet the need of passenger satisfaction quality assurance, AVSEC deployed the HappyOrNot service due to the easy means of capturing large volumes of passenger feedback and the system’s elegant simplicity of data reporting that identifies trends and themes of service performance experienced by the travelling public.

The HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals are deployed in Wellington airport, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Auckland. The HappyOrNot service is the first customer survey tool AVSEC has implemented and the benefits have been immediately recognized.

Passenger satisfaction is recorded with a single question to which passengers respond by pushing one of four smiley buttons (green smiley face, light green semi-smiley, light red semi-frown, or red frown). Responses are recorded along with the date and time and uploaded to the HappyOrNot cloud-based Reporting Service each day. Reports are automatically generated, demonstrating overall passenger satisfaction levels, helping to isolate specific days/times of dissatisfaction and making the facilitation of implementing corrective actions more quick and easy.

AVSEC has put the Smileys into use to measure several strategic areas in their airports. At Security, they ask passengers their expectation of the service before joining the queue and then ask how their experience was afterwards. To their delight, the feedback results validated that their service level was better than the expectations of their passengers.

As part of their continuous improvement initiative, AVSEC has HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals in place to verify with passengers if the use of body scanners makes them feel more secure. In addition, the passenger feedback data is routinely reviewed to compare the same locations throughout the day and week to see if service levels are dropping at certain times, including comparing performance across measurement points and airport locations.

The flexibility of the HappyOrNot Service means that specific questions can be asked to test new equipment with both customers and staff, as well as continuing to operate their standard service level question at other terminals. This is because the data received is specific to each unit deployed.

Ongoing internal monitoring ensures that the position and location of each unit is optimal to encourage as much feedback from passengers as possible. In just a few months post implementation, they are anticipating emerging trends and themes at each location, and from a national perspective, which will help them identify further focus areas and establish opportunities for improvement initiatives, and ensure they provide a world class passenger experience.


New Zealand Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) is the official provider of aviation security services in New Zealand. For more information please visit

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