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Lexus partners with HappyOrNot to capture instant, meaningful customer feedback

Lexus, the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota, has rolled out HappyOrNot feedback collecting Smileys in its showroom and service center in the Philippines to improve its business using customer feedback. 


TAMPERE & MANILA – May 2022 – HappyOrNot, the leading instant customer feedback insights solution relied upon by the likes of Elkjøp, Levi’s Stadium, Autogrill, Good2Go stores, and London Heathrow Airport, announces its partnership with luxury vehicle retailer Lexus Manila, responsible for sales and distribution across the Philippines.

HappyOrNot’s Smiley Touch terminals enable Lexus to collect and analyze customer experience feedback data in its showroom and service center. With in-moment data analytics and automated reports, customer service and senior management teams at Lexus are able to pinpoint issues, uncover causes, and formulate data-informed improvements. 

Lexus’s Customer Relations Department is in charge of monitoring and reporting on customer satisfaction levels, and share the reports with the Department Heads during weekly Management Committee Meetings. In addition, monthly HappyOrNot results are also shared within their departmental Viber group. 

Through HappyOrNot’s terminals, Lexus is able to streamline and bolster its feedback collection processes, with 24/7 access to online quick view summaries and instant performance breakdowns. Removing paper surveys and the sole reliance on low response rate phone surveys, HappyOrNot’s solution offers an interactive and anonymous way to collect high-volume in-moment customer feedback that will help Lexus achieve its long-term CX goals and meticulously track customer satisfaction levels.

Since using HappyOrNot’s terminals and reporting system, Lexus has already been able to pre-identify key areas for monitoring based on the survey results, and these Key Performance Indicators are being closely observed for any changes in ranking. Lexus shares the lowest rated KPI with the concerned Department as part of their continuous improvement approach and Kaizen activities, to make positive changes to address customer sentiment. 

“We are very pleased with the HappyOrNot solution as this has improved our customer response rate, especially for our Showroom customers,” commented Mr. Masabumi Hisamatsu, EVP of Lexus Manila. “It has also given us the privilege of being able to see the results in a shorter period through its online platform. This has proven to be very helpful as we are able to immediately act on identified weak areas. It is a quick and painless way of gathering feedback from customers, and we appreciate the strong support being given by our provider, G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions, Corp.” 

Mr. Gerry S. Urbina, Jr., Managing Director of G.U.L.F. Trading Wireless Solutions Corp. also added “Through its partnership with HappyOrNot, Lexus Manila has positioned itself at the forefront of the Philippine CX revolution. Its management team’s early recognition that real-time feedback will provide its brand with a distinct advantage over all of its competitors within the luxury automotive segment – who still rely heavily on slow, traditional, post-survey feedback methods. Lexus Manila has kept true to the Japanese art of Omonetashi – anticipating each Customer’s wishes – which is now the hallmark of Lexus service.”  

Lexus Manilla owner with Smiley Touch

About Lexus 

Making the impossible possible and redefining what the world expects from a luxury automotive experience.  This has what we have been doing since 2009 and continue to do as we push all boundaries to create amazing experiences. From our trademark reliability and class-leading refinement to our customer-first philosophy, we are constantly raising the bar and setting higher standards.  

The vibrant culture of service has been fundamental to Lexus from the start, and we are deeply committed to providing high quality of attention and care at every level, from design conception to dealership, and from purchase to service. There is no problem too big or too small that you cannot come to us for an answer for.  

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