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HappyOrNot Announces Partnership with Swedish Management & Education Company StigFram AB

HappyOrNot, the world’s leading customer experience management solution, today announces its latest partnership with the Swedish-based management & training company StigFram. 

 The partnership with StigFram further strengthens HappyOrNot’s leading position in the Swedish market for feedback management. StigFram are experts in competence development and consulting services and work with many companies in Sweden to develop action plans, strategies and to implement training for operational improvements. The basis of their business is to help companies create a customer-focused corporate culture. 

 As a complement to their business, StigFram will offer the HappyOrNot solution to its growing customer base to add additional value to its services through the instant and actionable feedback data insights on customer and employee experiences that HappyOrNot brings.  

 Part of this deal is that StigFram acquires Happy Team AB, which until today has run HappyOrNot in Sweden. In this way, HappyOrNot’s existing customers in Sweden receive increased service and, in addition to feedback collecting and analyticswill also be supported by StigFram in effecting change management through the data. 

A partnership with HappyOrNot feels very exciting and at the right time for us. It will be a perfect complement to our business. We love to measure, and with HappyOrNot we get the solution we were looking for. While it is easy for the customer to use, the technology behind the Smiley-faced buttons is very advanced, and so the data we get from what customers and employees think is very accurate and a good support for StigFram’s continued collaboration with customers. We can now both measure and solve the customer’s challenge, says Niclas Pettersson, CEO at StigFram. 

 StigFram’s business of helping companies create winning corporate cultures by focusing on the people is the reason why we are convinced of the success of this partnership, as it resonates extremely well with our own. Our goal at HappyOrNot is to make the world a happier place by enabling companies to lead and succeed through better experiences, and this is made possible by people, says Heikki Väänänen, CEO and founder, HappyOrNot. 

 About StigFram 

StigFram is a management company that develops people, companies and organizations into a more passionate interest in the customer meeting itself. Through a clear change in behavior in the organization, StigFram creates a visible service culture in the company, which increases profitability and creates a noticeable effect over time. StigFram was founded in 1997 and has since been a leader in skills development. StigFram will now be the parent company in StandOutGroup, which in addition to HappyOrNot (Happy Team) also consists of BestInServiceBestInService is a digitized training tool that means that employees are trained and practice every day without having to be taken out of service ( For more information, visit