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Happy or Not? Take a tour of our refreshed brand 

HappyOrNot unveils refreshed logo and brand appearance, starting with its website and continuing the update throughout all channels this year. 


When HappyOrNot was founded in 2009 by Heikki Väänänen and Ville Levaniemi, it was a dream (and the goal) to have the Smileys all over the world, capturing peoples’ in-moment emotions, and helping businesses improve their service experience – for the benefit of themselves and their customers. 

Since then, the company has come a long way: expanding operations by opening a US HQ in Florida in 2014, securing investor funding in 2017, growing our customer base to 4,000 brands across 135 countries, and collecting an unmatched 1.5 billion feedbacks to date (and increasing every day!) 

Through all of this, the 4 Smileys and our HappyOrNot brand held strong, yet was showing fine lines that comes with age. And now, with this established success, it was time for a facelift. 

Look closely and you will see the refined appearance of our Smileys and Logo. More obvious is the new look & feel and messaging which can be seen while browsing our website. So what was our purpose behind this brand refresh?  

Redesigned logo 

The redesigned logo marries our globally recognized 4 Smileys logo and HappyOrNot company name logo into one logo. Its combination represents simplicity, which is what we are truly about at our core.  

Look & Feel 

From photos, icons, layouts and more, the refreshed appearance supports the company’s strategy and brand positioning. Do you know if your customers are happy or not? Can you be certain just by their expression? How does their interaction with your services make them feel? Capturing emotions in the exact moment and place of experience is vital in knowing if customers are happy or not, will recommend or not, and return or not. 

Fine-tuned messaging 

We want to make it clear: our solution is not a comprehensive, complicated, or time-consuming CX system. Users do not need to deep dive or use external analysts to interpret the data insights.  Most businesses just want to know if their customers are happy or not, and get the why, when, where and ability to act instantly. And we help them do that by capturing and delivering feedback insights that is relevant to their everyday business. 


As we approach year’s end, our next steps will be to roll out the new brand appearance across all our touchpoints, firstly covering the digital channels. Our goal with this refreshed and strong presence is to make an even greater impact with everyone who interacts with us by being more recognizable, relatable, and memorable. Strong colors, connected with strong expressions and emotions, is at the very core of our brand. We also highlight transparency and change for the better in the simplest way.  

Thorough continuous innovations and long-term partnerships with our customers, we are more excited than ever to continue to make the world a happier place, one Smiley at a time!