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Getting to know HappyOrNot, Miika Mäkitalo sits down with My Customer

Last week, our very own Miika Mäkitalo continued his conversations with the media in a Q&A with Sabine Groven, editor of respected customer management publication MyCustomer.

Shining a spotlight on the role of customer feedback, Miika reveals the origins of HappyOrNot’s four distinctive smiley-faced buttons, and explains the role of data in staying ahead of the curve. Check out the full interview in the article below to learn: 

  1.  The story behind the HappyOrNot smiley-faced buttons  
  2. The role of analytics, and how businesses can interpret feedback data to affect change
  3. What customer feedback experts learned from the pandemic
  4. How to make feedback processes user-friendly and inclusive
  5. What the future of CX will look like and how businesses can get ahead.  

To read the full article on MyCustomer, click the button below!