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Elgiganten record growth, with credit to CX improvement via HappyOrNot Smileys

Elgiganten has issued a press release (here)* indicating a record revenue growth of 300 million for the financial year 14/15.

In the article, Elgiganten identifies some of the initiatives taken in order to achieve these results, like making solid investments in improving customer experiences to expand their position in the market. These investments are showing in both their numbers and development of all 29 stores and online.

Peder Stedal, CEO Elgiganten, comments on the sales growth, indicating that it is not only the sales that have increased, but customer satisfaction as well due to Elgiganten’s focus on its employee training and service concept:

“We are very pleased with the result, because it shows that a good deal and good service do not go out of fashion. We want to continue to invest wisely in both our skilled employees, good stores, and

“We are very concerned with what our customers tell us, and this year, the feedback has been extremely positive – in fact the best we’ve ever had in the time we have had the [HappyOrNot] smiley system.

We are extremely pleased that the investments we have made in our stores, online, and in our employees, can be read directly into higher customer satisfaction. It is simply what it is all about: providing our customers with good experiences and value for money.”

Similarly, Gigantti in Finland, a sister company of Elgiganten, recorded record profits in 2014 with the help of the HappyOrNot Smileys (article here).

Elgiganten is part of Elkjøp Nordic group which is owned by the UK Dixons Carphone, which are all part of the family of Happy clients in the Retail industry using HappyOrNot to improve customer satisfaction. A long-time client, Elkjøp Nordic group’s operations (Elkjøp & Lefdal in Norway, Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark, and Gigantti in Finland) have been using HappyOrNot since 2013 and have collected nearly 20,000,000 customer feedbacks to date!

Watch a short video of Magnus Feldt, Head of People Development at Elkjøp, tell about Elkjøp’s use of HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals:

To learn more about HappyOrNot in Retail, visit HappyOrNot for Retail

* Original article in Danish. This summary is provided via translation.